Monthly Archives: March 2011

Free Seat Thursday from Dan’s Comp!

*+-CONTEST OVER, THANKS FOR CHECKING! WINNERS POSTED TOMORROW! That’s right, more free stuff from Dan’s Comp! Be one of the first ten people to e mail CONTEST OVER and win a free Animal pivotal seat (as pictured, post not included). To qualify, you MUST follow these simple rules: The e mail subject must say “Free… Read more »

New shoes from Duffs at Dan’s Comp

*+-A whole slew of new shoes from Duffs, including Kevin Porter’s signature Tierra model. The Tierra is constructed of all non-animal materials and is vegan friendly. Also in the mix is the G4 Hi. This shoe has padded sidewalls for maximum protection. The Dresden is Duffs’ answer to a casual, ride-able shoe. All available now… Read more »

Chase Dehart at Woodward West

*+-If you happen to be attending the Spring session at Woodward West April 17-20, then you could have the chance to ride with Dan’s Comp team rider Chase Dehart, as well as Kelly Bolton and Adam Banton. Known for his “bike spins”, Dehart rides for Cult, Etnies, Fox, Cinema Wheels and Dan’s Comp.

Chase Dehart skatepark edit

*+-Dan’s Comp team rider Chase Dehart has a bunch of clips in this short skatepark edit. Dude is non-stop! Chase rides for Cult, Etnies, Cinema Wheels, Fox and Dan’s Comp.

Dan’s Comp Pro Team edit: Hoang Tran!

*+-Hoang Tran has been on the Dan’s Comp pro team for a bit now and continues to raise the bar with his incredible, stylish riding. Here’s Hoang’s new edit from Vital BMX. Hoang rides for Subrosa, Odyssey and Dan’s Comp!

More Nathan and Corey

*+-Some nice photos of Dan’s Comp team riders Nathan Williams and Corey Martinez from a feature on photographer Andrew White on the DIG site. Andrew is a contributing photographer for Dan’s Comp as well. Both Corey and Nathan ride for United, Etnies and Cinema Wheels. All their sponsors’ gear is available at Dan’s Comp.

New Etnies tees at Dan’s Comp

*+-New tees from Etnies in stock now at Dan’s Comp: Etnies SignTimes tee. Etnies Creeper tee. Etnies Death Duel tee. This one isn’t a tee shirt, but rather, a tank top. Don’t be afraid to switch it up. Etnies Switch it Up tank top. Don’t forget the rest of the Etnies shoes and clothing at… Read more »

United at Dan’s Comp

*+-This United catalog isn’t new but it has some great photos of Dan’s Comp/United team riders Corey Martinez and Nathan Williams in action and behind the scenes of the epic This Is United DVD. You can get all of Corey and Nathan’s signature United frames and parts, as well as complete bikes, from Dan’s Comp… Read more »