Monthly Archives: April 2011

Preview of Brett Banasiewicz’s new skatepark

*+-Here’s a short preview edit from The Kitchen, Dan’s Comp team rider Brett Banasiewicz’s new skatepark in South Bend, Indiana. The riders are Brett, Glenn Salyers, Rob Armour and Tyler Nowicki. Big ramps and big moves! The park is slated to open late May.

Orchid Footwork DVD in stock at Dan’s Comp!

*+-The much anticipated Footwork DVD from Orchid is in stock at Dan’s Comp. Featuring stellar riding from the Orchid shoes team, including Niki Croft, Brian Hunt, Brian Wizmerski, Dave Krone, Brian Histand, Micky Marshall, Dan Conway, Randy Brown and the legendary Van Homan. Check out the trailer:

More new race gear at Dan’s Comp!

*+-The race gear keeps coming in at Dan’s Comp. Check out the new, improved Race section of the Dan’s Comp website.

Cult Completes in stock at Dan’s Comp!

*+-The long awaited Cult Complete bikes are finally in stock at Dan’s Comp. Hot fire! Here’s the Cult CC1 in both colors: And here are the Cult CC2 Completes: Check out the rest of the Cult frames, parts and clothing at Dan’s Comp too…

Ryan Metro in S-Luck trailer

*+-Louisville’s finest and Dan’s Comp team rider Ryan Metro has some clips in this trailer for the upcoming S-Luck DVD, entitled Love It or Leave It. From DIG BMX. Metro rides for United, S-Luck and Dan’s Comp.

New Nigel Sylvester edit from Nike 6.0

*+-Dan’s Comp team rider Nigel Sylvester has a new edit up from Nike 6.0. Nigel’s buttery style makes the hardest tricks look easy.

Tony Hamlin in Bad Timing Crew promo

*+-Dan’s Comp team street machine Tony Hamlin has a bunch of clips in this edit from the Bad Timing Crew. From Defgrip… Tony rides for Kink, Etnies and Dan’s Comp.