Monthly Archives: September 2011

vital game of bike tomorow!

*+-As you may have seen, the Vital BMX Game of Bike is going down tomorrow at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, California. Dan’s Comp is a sponsor of the event and we’ll have free Dan’s Comp gear to hand out if you are at the event. Dan’s Comp team riders Chad Kerley, Hoang Tran, Morgan… Read more »

brian strieby fund raiser t-shirt!

*+-Long time Dan’s Comp team rider Brian Strieby broke his leg at the NBL Grands race this month. The injury was severe and required surgery, creating a huge financial burden for Brian. We are offering a special colorway of the Dan’s Comp Mod t-shirt with all proceeds of the sales going to help Brian with… Read more »

gear guide #69!

*+-Presented by your friends at Dan’s Comp, Vital BMX Gear Guide #69 is on! This time we’re getting up close and personal with the Duo Stunner Lo tires, the new Kink Foundation fork and the super trick Fly Dolmen cranks. Check it out…

Little Stevie on tour

*+-Dan’s Comp team monster Little Stevie Churchill has been on the road with the Volume crew for the past week and a half, stickin’ moves all across the Western US. Stevie will also be in the Vital Game of Bike this weekend! Stevie rides for Volume, Demolition, DC and Dan’s Comp.

corey martinez in new cinema ad

*+-Another one of the Dan’s Comp Southern boys (along with Nathan, Shane and Terry Adams), Corey Martinez is looking good with a monster-pegger in this new print ad for Cinema Wheels. Corey rides for United, Cinema, Duo, Etnies, Arnette and Dan’s Comp.

hoang tran in french edit

*+-Earlier this summer, Dan’s Comp’s all terrain ripper, Hoang Tran, went on a trip to France for Subrosa. This edit showcases the scene and riding from that trip and Hoang has solid clips, as usual. Hoang rides for Subrosa, Odyssey, Vans flow and Dan’s Comp.


*+-As it turns out, Dan’s Comp team rider Raul Ruiz is also involved in the Built To Shred episode (see post below) and unfortunately, fractured his elbow while filming for it. Get well soon, Raul!

Nathan williams welcome to eclat edit

*+-As we posted yesterday, Dan’s Comp team rider Nathan Williams has added Eclat to his list of sponsors. Click the pic above to see Nathan’s welcome edit and here’s the word from Eclat about adding Nathan to the team: “For Eclat its always been about a strong and connected team and over time we have… Read more »