Monthly Archives: April 2013

fbm bowl jam

*+-The boys at FBM know how to have a good time, that is certain. Take a few minutes to witness the very organic BMX happenings that took place in Richmond, VA this past weekend. Cameo by Dan’s Comp team rider Van Homan (more Van news soon!). FBM bikes, parts and clothing are available now at… Read more »

flow show in evansville

*+-The Evansville contingent of the Dan’s Comp Flow team did some shows last weekend at the Evansville Rockin’ River City Ride charity event. These dudes know how to put on a show: Austin Zentmyer with a big whip over the box. Do not try this at home! Derek Embry takes the high road with Austin… Read more »

new cinema edit with chad kerley

*+-Here’s your feel-good edit for the day. Cinema always delivers high-quality productions and this new skatepark edit is no exception. Cinema/Dan’s Comp team rider Dakota Roche starts it off with a painful intro, followed by smooth riding from his Dan’s team mate & new Cinema recruit Chad Kerley, along with Garrett Reynolds, Dan Lacey and… Read more »

dan’s trick and 1969 tees in stock now

*+-With a nod to classic rock, the Dan’s Trick tee is a bold and beautiful way to show your pride for your favorite BMX retailer. And on the subject of classics, the new Dan’s 1969 tee takes you back to the summer of love in full tie-dye fashion. Here’s Dan’s Comp team rider Ben Hucke… Read more »

tony hamlin in kink just cruising

*+-In drastic contrast to the skatepark and gritty street edits we’re all used to seeing, Kink took a different approach by taking their pro team on an ocean cruise. Just Cruising is the result and Kink/Dan’s Comp team rider Tony Hamlin has lots of good riding clips and his typically humorous insights. Tony rides for… Read more »

chad kerley graduation edit

*+-Any real fan of Dan’s Comp team rider Chad Kerley knows that he graduated in 2012, but apparently this footage was just recently rediscovered and edited for all the world to see. Side note: This edit was put together by Lance D., who had some clips in Chad’s recent Vital edit for Dan’s Comp. Chad… Read more »

we made it–with raul ruiz

*+-Dan’s Comp team rider Raul Ruiz has a bunch of good clips in this edit, and has filming credits as well, so he kind of did make it, as in “We Made It”. Raul rides for We The People, Ipath, Primo, Quintin and Dan’s Comp. Raul rides the WTP Scorpio V4 frame–available now at Dan’s… Read more »

game of bike with shane and nathan

*+-Playing a game of B.I.K.E. is always fun and Dan’s Comp team dudes Shane Weston and Nathan Williams go up against Eric Bahlman and Lil Pat in this one. Especially considering this is all on flat ground, the level of tricks being casually thrown around is ridiculous!