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Terry @ The Flatland World Circuit

-+*Terry was in Japan competing in the 2nd round of the Flatland World Circuit. He rode very well and is now ranked 4th overall. He’s trying to make it into the top 3 and will have one more chance to do that at the Voodoo Jam on August 1st in New Orleans. Terry, you can… Read more »

Edwin & DC Team in NYC

-+*Here’s a really good video of the DC Team in NYC. Looks like they got a lot of rain but made the most of it.

Edwin Contest Ends This Thursday!

-+*We’ve had a CRAZY amount of people enter this contest! If you haven’t entered, you have until Thursday at midnight. You just might win a 2009 Fit STR Edwin complete and an autographed Edwin poster. It’s a pretty sweet deal so don’t miss out!

DC Manteca 3 Ken Block Edition

-+*Most of you know who Ken Block is but for those who don’t here’s some info. Ken Block is the co-founder of DC Shoes and also happens to be one REALLY good Rally driver. Lately, he’s been pushing his skills to the limit and has made some pretty cool videos. Now, DC has made the… Read more »

Brett/DK Team in Europe

-+*Here’s a video of Brett and the rest of the DK Team riding in Europe after the Worlds. Good Stuff.

United & Nathan

-+*Hope everyone had a good weekend and got to ride. United has been posting some cool videos shot on a flip cam and Nathan’s got some really good clips. Here’s part 2.

Adio Eugene Dan’s Comp Edition

-+*The latest Dan’s Edition Adio Eugene is in stock! This is newest version in the series and its one of the best. Get yours while you can because they are limited edition.