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Vote For Maddog!

-+*Brett is a nominee for the Ball Park Alpha Dawgs award in the Dew Tour. Sign up, vote for Maddog and you could win a scholarship to Camp Woodward. How can you pass that up? So, help out Brett and you could get lucky. Go HERE to vote. Voting ends Nov. 20th.

Nigel And Nathan On The Web

-+*The official edit of Nigel’s Gatorade “Because I Grind” Tour is out now. The first episode is below and you can catch all 4 episodes at Nathan also makes a few appearances in the Levi’s Clip Of The Week – Crashes on Vital. The Levi’s BMX team works really hard getting all that footage… Read more »

Nigel On Vital’s Press List

-+*Hope everyone had a good weekend. Let’s kick off the week with Nigel on Vital’s Press List answering your questions. Plus, you get to see previously unseen Nike 6.0 Writing On The Wall footage.

Have A Good Weekend!

-+*Hopefully everyone can get out and ride this weekend. If you can, watch these Nathan & Metro videos to get inspired. If you can’t, watch them anyway!

The FBM Completes Are Here!

-+*All the FBM V2 complete bikes are in stock. Go HERE to check out the full line including the Executioner, Guillotine, Heathen, Marauder & Warlord. The FBM crew has really stepped it up with these bikes and they are sure to sell out fast. So, get yours today!

Lance Mosely Update

-+*Lance hit us up with this update about what he’s got going on – First off I had knee surgery few months back before the DK contest. I had a huge chunk of cartilage removed and was back on my bike in couple weeks and and was able to do pretty well at the DK… Read more »

New Vital Gear Guide

-+*This Gear Guide features the DK Valve Cap Spoke Wrench, the fall Lotek Shoes and Fit STR Edwin Complete bike.

New Orchid Shoes In Stock!

-+*All the new Orchids are finally in the warehouse. Click HERE to get yours today and also check out this great iPhone “video catalog” that Derek Adams did over the weekend featuring all the shoes.