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Upcoming BMXInvasion Contest

-+*Al Dimino sent us an email to tell us about the upcoming “Bike To School” #9 contest at the Dome Park in Wilkes Barre, PA on August 22nd. So, if you’re in the area and want to check it out or compete, go to for more details. His comps are always a good time.

Nathan On Vital

-+*Nathan has a Q&A on Vital and there is some REALLY good riding mixed in.

Matt Wilhelm’s Clip @ The Worlds

-+*Matt Wlihelm has a quick clip from the Worlds this past weekend. It comes in at 1:26. From the looks of it there was some pretty heavy competition in the Pro Flatland category. Good job, Matt!

Maddog Worlds Footage

-+*Here are Brett’s runs from the Worlds. Might take a little while to load but its well worth the wait.


-+*A BIG congratulations goes out to Maddog for getting 2nd in Pro Miniramp and Matt Wilhelm for getting 13th in Pro Flatland in Cologne, Germany this weekend. Thanks to those guys for representing Dan’s Comp.


-+*Dans360 is now on BMX Grub! BMX Grub is a free app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that keeps you connected with all the news from your favorite BMX websites. It is the creation of Dustin Griess of InterBMX. So go download that app!

Ian Schwartz

-+*Ian has a couple of really good clips in this web promo for the Sunday Triumph Bars.

Terry Adams

-+*Terry Adams is non-stop! He’s got a great interview on Ride about his life at home when he’s not travelling, which isn’t often. He’s also got a new web edit that really lets you know how hard flatland is. Enjoy.