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Raul’s Bike Check

-+*Raul’s bike check is now on his profile. Read about what he is riding these days.

Big In Japan

-+*The globe trotter Terry Adams is headed to Kamatsu, Japan for The Kink Of Ground contest which is the 2nd stop on the Flatland World Circuit. Good luck, Terry!

New Vital Gear Guide

-+*Another really good Gear Guide for your viewing pleasure.

Improved Shipping Service!

-+*Dan’s Comp has always provided great Same Day Shipping service and now we have improved on that. If you get us your orders before 5pm CST they will ship the same day! That gives you an extra hour to shop. Plus, you can still expect to see your orders in 3 to 5 days. Go… Read more »

Skullycandy @ Dan’s Comp

-+*We are really happy to announce that we now have new Skullcandy headphones in stock! Skullcandy continually pushes technology with style. There is something for everyone at every price level. So get yours today.

Ricardo @ the Big In Bavaria Comp

-+*Ricardo got invited to the Big In Bavaria contest in Munich, Germany on 7/24 and we’re really psyched for him. It looks like it will be a good comp with riders like Nyquist, Bohan & Nastazio in the mix. Good luck, Ricardo & have fun!

Upcoming BMXInvasion Contest

-+*Al Dimino sent us an email to tell us about the upcoming “Bike To School” #9 contest at the Dome Park in Wilkes Barre, PA on August 22nd. So, if you’re in the area and want to check it out or compete, go to for more details. His comps are always a good time.

Nathan On Vital

-+*Nathan has a Q&A on Vital and there is some REALLY good riding mixed in.