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Ian Schwartz

-+*Ian has a couple of really good clips in this web promo for the Sunday Triumph Bars.

Terry Adams

-+*Terry Adams is non-stop! He’s got a great interview on Ride about his life at home when he’s not travelling, which isn’t often. He’s also got a new web edit that really lets you know how hard flatland is. Enjoy.


-+*The Fit Mikey Stay Fit tee is in stock. This is a pretty cool tee showing Mike Aitken doing his thing like no other. All sizes are in stock except XXL which are still a few weeks out but can be back ordered.

Introducing Dans360

-+*Welcome to the new Dans360 website: your source for news about Dan’s Comp and the Dan’s Comp Team. While DansComp is still the place for all your BMX needs, Dans360 will let us communicate with the BMX community like never before. Now you can check in for Product Info, Team News, Upcoming Events, Special Offers… Read more »