broc raiford welcome to the dan’s comp team!

Yoooo Hoooo! We are pleased to announce another addition to the Dan’s Comp crew for 2013. Broc Raiford is part of the the flow team as of January 1. Broc has been blowing up over the last year or so and we are stoked to be working with him. Broc is from Lousiana and rides for Volume, Odyssey, DC, S-One helmets and now Dan’s Comp. Here’s an interview to start things off in proper fashion:

Broc, welcome to the Dan’s Comp family!

– Stoked to be a part of it dude!

You’ve been blowing up over the last year with tons of edits and coverage, any insight into your rise to BMX fame?

– To be honest, I use being home as little as possible as my motivation to get out there and put in work. Don’t get me wrong, I love being home and seeing my friends, family, and girlfriend but other than that, Louisiana doesn’t have much to offer from a BMX rider’s point of view. Due to that, I make sure I pack in riding missions whether it’s trips and/or filming. That way, I never feel like I’m sitting at home not being productive.

You won the high bunny hop contest at the 2011 Texas Toast–what’s the key to the super hop?

– That bunny hop contest was awesome. Gabe Brooks and I ended up battling it out for 15 minutes trying to clear 49″. I don’t really know if there is a key. I believe everyone can hop high if they think about it like jumping over something on foot. If you want to jump higher, you push off your legs harder, give it all your might, and tuck your legs in. It’s pretty similar to hopping on a bike when you picture it that way.

Volume just released your signature Bourbon Street handlebars–how do you feel about having your own signature part?

– To say I am stoked would be a total understatement. The Bourbon Street bars are my first signature part and I am more than satisfied with how they turned out. I can’t thank the guys at Volume enough for allowing me to have this opportunity. It means a lot to me.

Louisiana is a relatively remote area in terms of BMX exposure, how did you get yourself “out there”?

– I have to thank my parents on this one. They both support me so much, so when I was growing up they’d drive me to contests and fly me out to Woodward. Both basically did anything and everything they could do in their power to help me achieve my dream of being a professional rider. I seriously can’t express my appreciation to them enough. I also tried to make as many web edits as possible thanks to dudes like Brock Gomez, Andrew Sanford, and Fat Tony. They were older than me but still took me around to film and hangout. Thanks dudes!

You are into art and tattooing–you’ve been posting painted tattoo flash on your Instagram. Tell us about that.

– Drawing has always been my activity of interest if I wasn’t riding my bike. It’s safe to say that I’ve been into art just as long as I’ve been into riding bikes. Tattooing is something that is still fairly new to me and I’m currently still learning the ropes. I absolutely love it though and the painted tattoo flash is just another way satisfy my love for art and tattoos. You can follow me and check out my drawings on instagram @BROCAFLOKA !

You just started to film a Welcome to the Dan’s Comp team edit with Vital and rolled your ankle on the first day. What happened?

– Basically, I blew it. haha. First clip on the first day I tried hopping this high speed rail/stair gap and slightly clipped the rail on the way up. For the intensity of the spot and speed I came out alright, but as we rolled away, my ankle had swollen up to the size of an baseball. Later we slow-mo’d the clip and found out that I rolled it, then proceeded to smack it on the side of a stair set. Nothing is broken, just a bad sprain. However, I had to make an appointment with a specialist to get it re-checked because it’s still pretty swollen. I’ll be back on it soon!

Plans for 2013?
– 2013 is already lining up pretty well. In February I am going on a top secret trip to Arizona but I can’t say who it’s for. You’ll have to wait it out for that one. Then in March I plan to go out to Simple Session because that contest always looks like a great time. After that Volume has a bunch of trips planned out to continue to film for the full length DVD. I’ve already got a handful of clips I’m stoked on and can’t wait to continue stacking them as well as hanging out with the team. This will be my second video part ever and I want it to be the best that it can be so be on the look out for Volume DVD. I am pretty stoked to see where 2013 takes me!
Final words? shout-outs?

I love BMX! I am incredibly fortunate to be where I am today and I couldn’t have done it without the people supporting me. I’d like to thank everyone at Volume as well as Jim from Odyssey, Mike from DC shoes, Arthur from Pull-in, Robert at S-One, and of course you guys at Dans Comp. I appreciate it all and can’t show it enough! Also, I’d like to thank my parents for being so supportive and loving. I really couldn’t ask for much more from them. Shout out to my friends, because they rule, my girlfriend for being rad, Mike Mastroni for letting me stay with him all the time, and Adam22. Bang Bang!

And as you just read, Broc got hurt while filming for his Dan’s Comp Welcome edit. This edit from Volume is a worthy substitute.

Broc’s signature Bourbon Street bars from Volume are available now.