Dan’s 360 is back! New team edit!

You’ve likely noticed that Dan’s 360 was down for a few days, but for good reason! We’ve been working hard to make this site the best it can be and it has been reconstructed from the ground up. Most of the changes are boring, computer-nerd things, but you’ll notice a fresh new look and some user-friendly details. The most important change in the site is that Dan’s 360 is now optimized for Mobile phones! Woo Hoo! About time, right?

To celebrate, here’s a brand new video from some of the Dan’s Comp team. Stew Johnson had Devon Smillie, Stevie Churchill, Morgan Long and Shane Weston on the road last month, filming for the Dan’s Comp DVD. While in Georgia, the boys put in some work at the Brook Run Skatepark and this is the result. Georgia resident Devon Smillie has ridden this park many times before and the proof is in this edit, as well as his ability to rip transitions! Cameo by Georgia tour guide Talem Cowart.

The Dan’s Comp DVD is in full production and will be available later this year! Check out our Vimeo page for all the edits so far.