The Dan’s Comp Spring/Summer 2017 catalog is out now, featuring hundreds of products from the best brands in BMX.  Whether you get your hands on the print catalog or not, you can check out the selection, live, at www.danscomp.com    Dan’s Comp Pro Team rider Broc Raiford is featured on the cover, and you can check out his TOC interview below.  Broc rides for Volume, Odyssey and Dan’s Comp. ⚡⚡⚡

Broc, welcome back to the cover of the Dan’s Comp catalog.  Your fast plant game is strong!  Tell us about this shot. Beyond stoked for the opportunity to be featured on the cover! Joey Cobbs and I paid close attention to the timing and bike positioning to ensure the best look of the fast plant with each go. This is one of my current favorite moves and I feel like Joey captured this one perfectly.

Last time we asked, you were claiming 51″ as your bunnyhop ceiling.  You just went 52″!  How?  Does any part of your bike setup factor in?  Does your height play into it?  Your head dips to stem level on the tuck.  Do you do yoga? Honestly I’m not sure how, ha ha, but it did get me thinking to try and see where that “ceiling” actually is! I’m not too sure if bike setup makes as much of a difference as technique does for high hops. My height may definitely help, but then again, I’ve seen shorter dudes clear some tall hops. I do yoga pretty often and being flexible can make a huge difference in one’s hop game. My advice for high hops would be getting that flexibility to tuck your bike into you as much as possible and to consider your speed in the approach. It’s much harder to clear tall hops going slow!

On the subject of outrageous riding habits, Odyssey just released your Passageways video.  Incredible riding at a wide variety of weird and raw spots in back alleys (and even over a couple alleys).  What’s the process like to search and destroy spots like these?  I had such an awesome time filming Passageways! All the spots were within a few miles of my apartment, but finding them was the hardest part. With some help from Long Beach locals Jeff Z, Forest H and Nick H, as well as spending some time pedaling from alley to alley, I was able to find more than enough spots to wrap the video up quite nicely. Huge thanks to Nuno at Odyssey, Jeff Z, and Mike Mastroni for making this whole project possible!

Your tattoo collection appears to be growing at an increasingly high rate and you’ve been into the art aspect of tattoos since before you had many.  Is one obsession feeding the other?  Are you still doing much with art? One obsession is definitely feeding the other in this case, ha ha. After a day of riding I like to come home and work on painting a flash sheet or drawing up a new design I’ve been brainstorming. Eventually, I’ll end up drawing a design that I’d like to get myself–which I usually don’t hesitate to get done soon after I get the idea locked in. The artist inside me comes in waves though. Sometimes I paint and draw everyday and other times I might just doodle in my sketch book once a week. It’s a never ending love and a great creative outlet outside of riding.

Your Volume frame colorways have been creative and colorful in recent times–how involved are you in the development process?  I’m super thankful Brian Castillo at Volume allows me to be so involved with the development process. I usually go visit him for lunch and we bounce ideas off one another until we land on something we both like. From there, we do samples and maybe tweak a few things until we’re both happy with the new color combo. Brian has even let me design my own frame stickers to add my own extra little flavor.

More recently, you’re back on a black bike.  Did you come full circle?  Ha ha, I’ve definitely come full circle, as I’ll always be a sucker for an all black bike. However, running all the black has allowed me to run other colored parts from both Volume and Odyssey that might have clashed with previous colorways. I’m currently really stoked on how my bike looks and new color ways are on the horizon for the Vessel frame! Stay tuned!

It seems like 2017 has been pretty productive so far, with your Vital + Dan’s Comp video, the new Odyssey vid, Simple Session, the Vans Invitational, etc.  What else do you have cooking? 2017 has been great so far! With all those events and a good bit of traveling under my belt, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store! As for now, I’ve got two video projects to stack for, which will hopefully, both be out later this year. I plan to visit my family in Louisiana a bit more as well. They rule!

Shout outs? Shout out to the never ending support from my family and friends, Love y’all! Huge thanks to Volume, Odyssey, Vans, and of course, Dan’s Comp for being the best!