Spring catalog + Devon Smillie interview

The Spring 2017 Dan’s Comp catalog is out now with hundreds of new products from the best brands in BMX.  If you didn’t get a copy, make sure you request one at the site or simply place an order to be automatically signed up for future editions. You can check out all the latest and greatest online, 24/7 at www.danscomp.com >>>Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Devon Smillie is on the cover.  Devon was at Simple Session during the print deadline, so his interview didn’t make it in, but here it is now for all to enjoy.  Devon rides for Fly Bikes, Etnies, Eclat and Further Brand.

Welcome to cover of the Dan’s Comp catalog!  How do you feel about it?  Ah man, its such an honor. Crazy to think that this photo is going to be mailed to thousands of kids that ride!

You’ve come a long way since you first joined the Dan’s Comp team in 2012.  New sponsors, more exposure, making your way to the top of the current street rider heap.  How has the trip been? It’s been great, and just keeps getting better. Hyped you guys have had my back through the journey
You made the move to California a few years ago from your home state of Georgia.  Any advice for others looking to make a similar relocation?  Get as many people you can to move out with you, because the more people in a residence means less you have to pay for rent! 
You have a pretty solid sponsorship trio of highly respected brands, Fly, Eclat and Etnies.  What’s it like to be part of such respected programs?  I cant even describe it, I’m on cloud nine. So happy to be where I am. I never could’ve imagined riding for these brands when I was younger, it’s still slowly settling in.
You’ve had signature parts from Fly for a couple years now too.  What role do you play in the development of your signature products?  I’m so picky with geometry, so I’ve had a lot of say in that. On the design aspects, I let David (owner of Fly Bikes) work his magic. I trust his work and know how innovative he is, so I’m happy to be able to have products developed through him.
Anything new in the works? Working on a couple edits and trying to finish the Etnies DVD! Also a few more parts and maybe a colorway of some shoes 🙂
You have a skatepark background, but have evolved into one of the most technical street riders out there now.  What’s your take on the direction your riding has gone?  I think with less bike friendly parks, I’ve really made an effort to find ways to have fun riding anything in front of me, including flat ground. Ha ha.
Tell us about your car? Inquiring minds want to know.   2005 g35 sedan, manual trans, stillen intake, megan exhaust. Just got new wheels and a street tune done to it. I love driving and with how much we drive from spot to spot, might at well make it as fun as possible! Plus, Japanese cars are the most reliable, pocket friendly vehicles 🙂 JDM life.
You’re an extremely proficient skateboarder, and we know you’ve skated since you were very young, but in what ways does skating influence your bike riding?  Those crank-flips certainly come to mind.  I think skating does have a role in the amount of kickflips I do, but also, a lot of people messing with fakie and nollie stuff. To me, it’s all inspired by skateboarding.
Big plans for the rest of the year?  Travel?  Contests?  I think Eclat has a few crazy trips planned. Headed to South Korea soon! Hopefully, I can stay home a majority of the year.  I traveled so much last year and I’ve been so happy with being at home.
Shouts/thanks?  Shout to my parents, sister, grandparents and my girl, Haley. Also big thanks to Povah and David at Fly Bikes, Paul at Eclat, everyone at Sole Tech with Etnies, Scott at Dan’s, Sean with Further. Every little bit of support counts and I’m hyped to have such great people backing me. Thank you.