Subrosa at Dan’s Comp

Subrosa is all about good times on bikes — plain and simple.

And isn’t that what it’s really all about?  With a full range of complete bikes, as well as signature frames and parts from their pro team, right down to their innovative accessories to keep you and your bike safe with their lights and locks — Subrosa has you covered.  Literally. They have apparel, too.  You can even create and ride your own spot with the Subrosa Street Rail.

Subrosa Brand truly offers something for every rider — and you can get it all at Dan’s Comp.

If you haven’t checked out the 2018 Subrosa Complete line — you should.  They’ve got a wide range of sizes available — from 12″ to 26″. They have freestyle BMX bikes at every price and proficiency level. A broad spectrum of colorways and updated specs has riders of every size, age and skill level covered.

Subrosa Brand 2018 Complete BMX Bikes available at Dan's Comp

Subrosa bikes are designed for good times on all terrains.


Subrosa Frames available at Dan's Comp

Pro Team Signature model Subrosa frames from left to right • Noster III 18” (Simone Barraco) • Noster S (Simone Barraco) • MR1 (Matt Ray) • Code (Lahsaan Kobza) • Om (Joris Coulomb) • More info at


Subrosa also manufactures frames and a full line of BMX parts.

Subrosa also manufactures full line of BMX parts, along with signature parts from their pro team riders.


Subrosa Street Rail has been built and tested from the ground up to handle the use and abuse of today’s top BMX street riders. Made from heavy duty steel construction with extra wide, rubber padded feet that won’t slide even when doing 180 grinds, and comes pre-drilled for attaching directly to the ground if desired. At 8′ long and 18″ high, it  is compact enough to put in a trunk or hatchback when disassembled, yet still large enough for an all-day rail session.  If you are just learning to grind or fine-tuning your tricks, having your own portable BMX grind rail makes it convenient. Not to mention, it’s just awesome to have one.

Subrosa Street Rail - Create Your OWN Spot - Available at Dan's Comp!

Create your own spot with the Subrosa Street Rail — it’s portable, convenient and just plain awesome.


Don’t forget to pick up some Subrosa Brand apparel while you’re checking it all out at Dan’s Comp.  We’ve got t-shirts, hoodies, hats, & more!

Dan’s Comp has the BMX clothing you want from the brands that get you stoked.