We the People Fresno with Dan Kruk

2017 Dan’s Comp team addition Dan Kruk has a feature role in the latest edit from We The People and their recent Fresno team trip.  Dan picks up the pieces after a gnarly slam in the intro to contribute a great portion of great riding with his WTP teammates.  Peep it.

Feeble Talk: Van Homan

Ride BMX sat down for an in-depth interview with the one and Van Homan. Check it out and get the good word from one of the best to ever do it.  Van rides for Fit Bike Co., GSport, Duo, Bell and Dan’s Comp.

Chase Dehart: South Jersey

Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Chase Dehart comes correct in this new edit for Cult, entitled “South Jersey”.  Chase is one of the most stylish people to every ride a BMX bike, and this video gives us a glimpse–and reminder, of why he’s held in such high regard.  The dude kills it, and seeing him in action on his home turf is as good as it gets.  Filmed by Veesh for Cult.  Cult BMX products are available always at Dan’s Comp.

Dakota Roche: Vans Illustrated

Dan’s Comp Pro Team rider Dakota Roche goes all-in for video parts, and his 7+ minute long section from last year’s Vans Illustrated project is viable evidence.  Sit back and take in the pure power and style of Dakota Roche.

In the Cut: District of Cinema

Following up last week’s fantastic District of Cinema video, we get a behind the scenes looks, out-takes, bails and alternative angles of one of the best team edits in recent BMX history.  Featuring Cinema X Dan’s Comp pro team riders Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Chad Kerley and Dakota Roche, along with Garrett Reynolds.  From DIG BMX.

Women’s Malaga Mix

This is great.  Women’s BMX kingpin Nina Buitrago put together this great edit of the women’s jam at the Vans Pro Cup in Malaga two weeks ago, along with some great bonus footage of the girls riding the giant hook/ditch/spillway thing  (first seen in Etnies Forward years ago).  Standout riding from all the ladies, including Dan’s Comp team rider Dani Lightningbolt, who does an outrageous roll-in at the end.


It’s on!  The third annual Dan’s Comp Parking Lot Jam is going down on Saturday, June 24, at 3pm at Dan’s Comp HQ in Mt Vernon, Indiana.  Full street course, Dan’s Pro and Flow team riders in attendance, mini-contests and events for riders of all skill levels.  Helmets required for under 18, waivers required for all.  Download the waiver and more info at www.danscomp.com/jam  Come ride with us! Rain date:  Saturday, July 1.