Pro Setup: Nathan Williams

Pro Setup:  Dan’s Comp Pro Team rider Nathan Williams. Get what he got and do what he does?  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  Nathan rides for United Bikes, Etnies and Cinema. All the following is available now at Dan’s Comp:

New Cult frames & video

With new frame colorways on the near horizon  Cult just dropped this doozy of a video.  Cult + Dan’s Comp Pro Dak Roche and his Cult teammate Sean Ricany make some serious BMX magic in this one.  Look for the new frames at Dan’s Comp soon…

Nathan Williams Still United Extras

Nathan Williams went all-in for his epic Still United Video part, so it’s not a total surprise to learn there is a fair bit of great, leftover footage.  Today is the day we get to see it.  Great riding, some tense moments, and a nice “this is how we do it” vibe.  Nathan rides for United, Etnies, Cinema and Dan’s Comp.


Feeble talk with Nathan Williams

The latest installment of the new Ride BMX Feeble Talk series features none-other than Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Nathan Williams.  We get a lot of history, influences and good info from Nathan, his sponsors (past and present) and what goes into the many projects in his BMX life.  Nathan holds it down for United, Cinema, Etnies and Dan’s Comp.