Trey Jones and bro. shred new park

Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Trey Jones is helping a local family to build a new indoor park in Longwood, FLA, where he lives.  The park is underway, and in this video we get a sneak peek of Trey and his brother Jabe getting some lines in. Trey rides for Cult, Shadow, Vans and Dan’s Comp.

Dak Roche at the Vans US OPen

Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Dakota Roche talks us through the course at the Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championships, going on this week in Huntington Beach, California.  Dak’s Vans/Dan’s teammate Trey Jones is in the mix as well.  The bowl looks insane and the riding level will surely be crazy as well.

Shadow X Subrosa team at Woodward

A few of the Shadow/Subrosa team cats made the trip to PA for some quality time at Woodward Camp a recently, and Shadow X Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Mark Burnett has standout clips in this edit from the trip.  Check out some great riding from Mark, along with Subrosa/Shadow dudes Matt Ray and Johnny Atencio.

How-To bunnyhop with Morgan Long

The BMX bunnyhop is square one when it comes to tricks, but it is also the most crucial trick to learn, as hopping is integral with nearly every other move you’ll make on a bike.  Fit Bike Co. X Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Morgan Long clearly knows how to bunnyhop, and in this new how-to from Ride BMX, he walks the talk to show you how…

Street Series San Diego

The Street Series #BMXday event last weekend drew a mad mob of riders to San Diego, and the riding and antics were outrageous.  Hosted by Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Dakota Roche, with riding from his Dan’s teammates: Broc Raiford, Chad Kerley, Morgan Long and Colin Varanyak.  As an added bonus, a dude jumps over a moving car.  Wild in the streets!  From Ride BMX.