Nigel And Nathan On The Web

The official edit of Nigel’s Gatorade “Because I Grind” Tour is out now. The first episode is below and you can catch all 4 episodes at Nathan also makes a few appearances in the Levi’s Clip Of The Week – Crashes on Vital. The Levi’s BMX team works really hard getting all that footage and watching this makes you appreciate how hard.

Lance Mosely Update

Lance hit us up with this update about what he’s got going on – First off I had knee surgery few months back before the DK contest. I had a huge chunk of cartilage removed and was back on my bike in couple weeks and and was able to do pretty well at the DK dirt circuit. Well I fell at that comp breaking another big chunk off and was trying to get by without getting it fixed again but it wasn’t happening. I tried get some riding and photo shoots in while in Vegas at Interbike but it was killing me. I came home and had knee surgery again last Wed the 14th. I was already back on my bike Monday taking it easy with some coaster wheelies and trying get my leg muscles strong again. So I’m good and healthy again! 2 knee surgeries in 3 months is lame! I’ll be in N.C. Tomorrow for shows thru Mon. Then I start filming a web edit for one of my sponsors Melee Faction Clothing. It should be done by end of Nov so keep your eyes peeled for that. Also I’m rolling up to Rays MTB park the first of Nov with the Melee Faction crew for some fun and filming. Then straight to Cali from there for more shows and media stuff.. Lots of good things happening….