Athlete Recovery Fund

A BIG thank you goes out to Ryan Sher from Subrosa, the Sparky’s Distribution crew, RideBMX and Alli Sports for helping us raise $3000 for the Athlete Recovery Fund this past weekend at the Orlando Dew Tour. Thanks to everyone that donated. Even though most of you didn’t win, your money is going to help guys like Mike Aitken and Stephen Murray and that is the most important thing. Read Ryan’s post about the fund raiser HERE.

Cash Money 1 Lucky Winner

Dew Tour Day 3

Where do I begin? Yesterday was big! First, Maddog had Park qualifying and he was riding with a broken bone in his hand, which meant he had been taking it pretty easy during all the practice sessions. But during his 2 qualifying runs he threw down some huge tricks. He went down in both his runs which kept him out of the finals but the crowd was loving him. Good things are going to be happening for Brett next year! Gerber was in Dirt Finals and had some amazing runs with huge flip whips and 360 double whips. He had a little trouble in his 2nd run and ended up finishing 7th, but overall he had a great Dew Tour and will only get better next year. We are really proud of these two guys.
The night ended with RideBMX’s Best Trick comp sponsored by Dan’s Comp. The vibe at this contest was electric. It felt like a true old school jam session but with $5000 on the line. Amazing riders did amazing things and Anthony Napolitan was the winner with a 360 barspin catch barspin to tailwhip. You have to check out all the coverage at RideBMX. If you are at Dew Tour today be sure to stop by the RideBMX booth to get a chance at winning the last Subrosa bike. We’ve raised a lot of money for ARF this weekend and today is the last day of the Tour so please help out your fellow athletes. Thanks to RideBMX, Fuzzy Hall & Dew Tour for throwing one of the best events of the year!

Dew Tour Day 2

Things were pretty uneventful for the Dan’s team today. Dirt practice was cancelled due to high winds. Maddog had practice for Park Qualifying on Saturday and took it easy to get used to the course. If you’re at the event tomorrow be sure to stop by the RideBMX booth & help raise money for the Athlete Recovery Fund. $1 gives you a chance at the 2 Subrosa Bikes that are up for grabs. Go to SUBROSA BIKES for the low down. Also, stick around after the Dirt Finals for the Best Trick Competition. It’s gonna be insane!

Dew Tour Day 1

Dirt practice and qualifying happened yesterday and Chris Gerber had a few challenges. Mainly the weather. The day was hot and humid then it rained making the course muddy and the air even more humid. Qualifying got delayed until 7pm instead of 3pm, so it was a pretty long day for him. It was all worth it since he qualified 6th with an amazingly solid run. He told us what he’s planning for the finals on Saturday and it will be good! Check out RideBMX for all the other results and Fat Tony’s photos from practice including this one of Gerber below:


Dan’s Comp @ Orlando Dew Tour

Ok, we got some cool things going on at the upcoming Orlando Dew Tour. Dan’s Comp will be hanging out at the RideBMX tent with Shadow and Subrosa trying to help raise money for the Athlete Recovery Fund by raffling off a Subrosa Armada Pro Complete, plus other great prizes. Tickets are just $1 and the more you spend the better your chances. The great thing is that all proceeds go to ARF. Also, RideBMX is also hosting the Best Dirt Trick and Dan’s Comp is putting up the $5000 prize money! This is the first time that the Dew Tour is having a Best Trick Comp for BMX. Best Dirt Trick is going down Saturday night right after the Dirt Finals and will air on Sunday during Park Finals. Check out RideBMX for more info. Don’t forget to tune in & watch Chris Gerber and Maddog do their thing. See you there!