Ricardo In Germany

Big In Bavaria went down last weekend in Munich, Germany and it was BIG! A 26 ft drop off gap and eight 42 ft jumps made me question if I had enough tricks for this course?! Due to high winds, Thursday’s practice left us staring at the jumps and heading back to the hotel. On Friday qualifying looked like it would get rained out but we got lucky and I managed to qualify 6th! On Sat the weather was looking good but then rain came out of nowhere. Once the sky cleared up, the comp was underway! My first run was okay but I put more on the line for my second run. Wanting to get Gold made me send the bigger trick mid pack in my 3rd run causing me to bubble up and not make it to the end of the jump. But I stayed in one piece and finished with a proud 10th place! Brandon Dosch won the comp and follow by TJ Ellis. Check out more info at FatBMX.com. -Ricardo