DC Manteca 3 Ken Block Edition

Most of you know who Ken Block is but for those who don’t here’s some info. Ken Block is the co-founder of DC Shoes and also happens to be one REALLY good Rally driver. Lately, he’s been pushing his skills to the limit and has made some pretty cool videos. Now, DC has made the Manteca 3 Ken Block edition to honor his efforts. Watch the video bellow and grab the shoes while you can!

Ricardo @ The Worlds

Ricardo was also at the Worlds this past weekend. Unfortunately, the weather and a constantly changing start times kept him and a few other pro’s out of the finals. He still had a great time and was able to watch Maddog’s runs on the mini. Aside from the Big In Bavaria comp, he also got invited to the ASA Big Air BMX Triples at the Orange County Fairgrounds on July 29th. So go check it out if you can because it should be really good.

Ricardo Ricardo & Brett

My sickest run ever…Literally! BMX Worlds 2009

Warning… the following sentence may sound a little strange so here it goes. I had my stomach pumped by a chicken. It happened at the BMX Worlds in Germany, which was a weekend filled with lots of good riding, friendly faces, and an awesome live demo from the 1985 Haro team. However most of my trip centered around this experience with a chicken, and contrary to what it may sound like they do not have chickens for doctors in Germany.

So how exactly do you get a chicken to pump your stomach you ask? It’s really easy, and you can do it without even trying. You simply order a chicken sandwich from a food vendor, eat the sandwich, and then watch that same sandwich repeatedly surface through your esophagus for the next 24 hours. During this next 24-hour period I am also supposed to ride in the finals as I qualified 4th in the prelims.

If you’ve ever had the flu before and felt queasy just from standing up then you should really try doing a three minute run of intense spinning tricks while trying not to blow chunks. I usually get dizzy from riding when I am healthy, and this illness was my worst in about 15 years. After about 30 seconds into my run in the finals I decided to surrender to the microorganisms taking over my body and prematurely end my run, which guaranteed me last place in the finals.

I wish I could tell you more about the contest, but the only BMX related thing I saw was a bowl…made of porcelain. I am feeling a little better now and should be on my bike in the next week.

– Matt Wilhelm


Matt with Bob Haro


Matt with Brian Blyther