Dak Roche Insta-compilation

Dan’s Comp Pro team rider is almost constantly putting out Instagram clips of his fantastic riding. What we have here is a compilation of said edits, all in one place, all to one song. Dak is the people’s champ! Dak rides for Cult, Cinema, Vans, Monster and Dan’s Comp.


We have a winner! Ross Hinton of Brookfield, Illinois is the lucky man who won last month’s Fit X Morgan Long X Hood Bird giveaway. Congrats, Ross, and thanks to everyone who entered. The Fit Hood Bird collection is available now at Dan’s Comp.

Stevie Churchill raw footage

17+ minutes of pure riding satisfaction from Dan’s Comp pro team powerhouse Stevie Churchill.  Some of it’s older, some of it’s newer, there’s plenty of crashes and Stevie’s passion and frustration both flow freely throughout.  Incredible riding and a must-watch for Stevie fans.  And who isn’t a Stevie fan?   Filmed by John Hicks.