trey jones for Cult!

Cult just dropped this wild new Trey Jones edit and you know it’s gonna be jam packed with crazy, creative riding that you won’t see anywhere else.  Check it out, then check out his Cult Stone Cold V2 signature frame at Dan’s Comp, part #211863 .  Trey rides for Cult, Shadow, Vans and Dan’s Comp!


Dan’s Comp Summer 16 catalog

summer catalog cover DAK

The Dan’s Comp Summer 16 Dan’s Comp catalog it out now, featuring tons of new products from the best brands in BMX, as well as new shoes and clothing for all aspects of your life, on and off the bike.  Flip through the pages or hit the New Arrivals section at the site.  Dan’s Comp Pro Team rider Dakota Roche is on the cover and you can check out his interview below:

Catching up with Dan’s Comp team rider Dakota Roche, who is on the cover.

What’s up Dak?  Where are you at in life right now?   Yo! Just flying home from Guam right now, I was out there doing some demos for the troops on base with the Vans crew. It was rad!

Welcome back to the cover of the Dan’s Comp catalog. What went into this shot?  Thank you, stoked! This was shot during the filming of the new Vans BMX video “Illustrated” on a Mexico City trip. The spot was killer, but there was hundreds of people around, so it made it kinda tough. The rail was kinda scary too. Ha ha. Jeff Z. killed it on the shot, as always.

Your video parts are legendary, from Talk is Cheap to Above/Below and everything else, you go all in.  What can we expect from your Vans video part?  How do you approach long term projects like this?   I just try to put everything I can into my video parts, and this one is no exception. A lot of tricks don’t come easy for me, so it’s all about battling through till it works or I physically can’t try anymore. It’s an old school method, but it’s tried and true. All in all, I’m really happy with this part and grateful for the opportunity.

Your riding just looks good.  Obviously, your style is not forced, but are you conscious of how a certain trick or line will look as you’re doing it?   Aww shucks, I appreciate that. Yeah, I’m kinda obsessive when it comes to how stuff looks–it’s gotta flow. Using the spot correctly is just as important as the trick, in my opinion. I think that’s why I ride the way I do.

You’ve been part of Cult since day one, when it was just an idea.  Through it all, what’s the one thing about being part of it that stands out to you the most?   The main thing for me that stands out is that we’re a family, and that will never change. It’s been that way since the beginning and will continue to be that way. I have love for everyone involved and being a part of the brand is nothing short of a blessing.

You have a bunch of signature parts that were just released from Cult as well, how’s the response been and what’s your role in development? Personally, I’m so stoked on everything and the response has been amazing! I work real closely with Neal Wood, Robbie and Javee to make sure everything looks and rides good. Neal does an epic job of translating a drawing or idea I have into a dialed product.

Anything new from Vans (besides the upcoming Cult X Vans collab shoe)?  I’ve been working on a good amount of different stuff with Vans, mainly some new signature colorways for next year. It’s too early to talk details, but I’m super stoked on the way things are going.

Unlike a lot of other riders, who have migrated to California in the pursuit of BMX, you’re a Huntington Beach boy, born and bred.  How do you think this affects your perspective? There’s so much BMX history in HB, especially from the era I was growing up in. I became completely obsessed with BMX at a young age. I grew up riding the legendary Sheep Hills and Hidden Valley trails–places that helped shape the way I ride today and the way I look at things. Riding trails for a few years prior to getting really into street helped me a lot, I think.

Any big plans, trips or projects coming up? Xgames is coming up in a few weeks, followed by more filming for my Xgames “Real Street” part, the Vans HB street invitational, Monster Energy Street Series and a whole summer of filming and traveling! Gonna be a good rest of the year.

Shout outs/thanks?   As always, my sponsors, friends, family, supporters and God for having my back.

Dak rides for Cult, Vans, Cinema and Dan’s Comp

Dan’s Comp Parking Lot Jam Video

The 2nd Annual Dan’s Comp Parking Lot Jam went down last Saturday at Dan’s Comp HQ in Mt Vernon, Indiana.  Justin Benthien from Ride BMX flew out to catch all the good times on tape, and here is the end result.  Thanks to everyone who came out, Vans for the pizza and of course, our Pro Team guys who made the trip.  Hit it!