Kink House Vlebisode

More output from the #kinkhouse project from Kink Bikes.  In this episode, the boys get into all kinds of hijinx, including brushes with the law and near misses with traffic in the streets.  Starring Kink/Dan’s team rider Tony Hamlin as the #smartass  A must watch.

Nathan Sykes & Co Super 8 edit

Here’s something you don’t see often in 2016, a BMX video shot entirely on Super 8 movie film.  You can’t beat the look and feel of real film, and a thrift store camera find, along with super expensive film and developing, result in this sweet little edit from Matt Cordova of himself, Kris Fox and Dan’s/Colony Pro Nathan Sykes flowing the Vans bowl in HB.

FBM keeps the fire burning with another wild weekend of real BMX shenanigans.  The “Lost Bowl”, a private backyard facility, was host to this jam and according to the timeline of this video, it was action packed.  Featuring Dan’s Comp team dudes Trey Jones and Van Homan, along with a whole crew of shredders, shredding.

Chad Kerley Invitational from 2012

Vital re-upped this Chad Kerley Invitational from The Bakery in 2012 and it’s packed with Dan’s Comp team riders and incredible riding, so let’s do the same.  Featuring, from the Dan’s squad: Stevie Churchill, a young Devon Smillie, Hoang Tran, Corey Martinez, Dakota Roche and Tony Neyer, as well as a bunch of heavy hitters and sick, sick riding.   It’s hard to imagine this many A list pros in one room now!


Whether you’re new to the freecoaster club or you’ve been coasting backward for years, the latest from the Dan’s Comp Video How-To series covers the freecoaster hub from A-Z.  In part one, we learn the basics of what it does, what it’s all about.  In part 2, we get the down and dirty on assembly and maintenance.  Check out the videos, then take a look at the selection of freecoasters at Dan’s Comp.
Part 1: Freecoaster basics:
 Part 2: Freecoaster assembly & maintenance: