Day with Devon Smillie

The Vlogosphere is ever-expanding, and the latest BMX buddy film comes in the form of Cult pro Grant Germain and Dan’s Comp/Fly/Eclat/Etnies team pro Devon Smillie spending a sunny SoCal day riding, swimming, skating and of course, eating.  A glimpse into the daily life of a pro BMX rider in 2016.


The latest installment of the EXPLAINED video series from Vital BMX gives us the lowdown on one of the crucial components of your bicycle, the headset. Take it in, then take a look at the best headsets in BMX, available always at Dan’s Comp…

New Dan’s Comp catalog + Nathan Williams interview

The latest Dan’s Comp catalog is hitting mailboxes everywhere, and within its pages are the latest and greatest products from the best brands in BMX.  With back to school time approaching soon (sorry!), there’s a whole bunch of new shoes, clothing, backpacks and tees from your favorite brands.  Hit the site and get ahold of everything you need for BMX.   Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Nathan Williams is on the cover, and his TOC interview is below:


Hey Nathan, where are you at and what are you up to? Well, right now, I’m out in HB staying with Dak for a little while.

Welcome back to the Dan’s Comp cover.  It’s been awhile.  How do you feel about this occasion? Feelin’ pretty grateful and stoked!

What went into this cover shot? Oh, well, we were pedaling around Nashville one day and passed these rails I go by all the time. We stopped to try and ride them a little bit and got this little nuggie.

You’ve been on the Dan’s team since you were a shy young lad.  You’ve come a long way since the down-dipped no-hander days.  You still pull those out once-in-awhile? Ha ha ha. Yeah, I suppose so! I still do them, but I think there a little less down nowadays.

You’ve been part of the United squad since the beginning. Tell us a little about your involvement?  Yeah man, I started getting flowed shortly after the brand started and pretty much grew up with them. It’s a pretty great feeling. It makes the brand feel like family!

United recently dropped your Mothership X Two Snakes Tattoo collab frame.  Tell us a bit about that project? I had been wanting my frame to come with a sticker sheet that is meant to look like a tattoo flash page. I asked my friends James and Alexis, who own Two Snakes Tattoo in Hastings, England, if they’d want to draw up the graphics for it. It made sense because I have gotten a lot of work done from Alexis, I love their shop, and they’re great friends of mine.

What’s next in your signature line-up? Well, the revised version of my frame just came out, which has a lot of changes: Like a lower stand over, steeper head tube and shorter back end. We are also changing my grip up. I just got my first pair of samples here the other day. A little longer and thinner than my last ones—they are really nice. Keep a look out!

You’ve been with Etnies for a long time too, with a bunch of signature shoes and colorways in your timeline.  How are they to work with? Yeah, they’re great! Rick, the shoe designer, is always a pleasure to work with. He knows what looks good and is down to do whatever the rider wants, which is nice. Povah (the team manager) is pretty cool too 😉

The Still United DVD dropped recently and your part is among your best–which is saying a lot because all of your video parts are insane.  What goes into a full-length project like this? Thanks, that means a lot. It just takes a lot of time, I guess. You go on a lot of trips and it’s nice, cause you end up getting a lot of variety in the scenery and spots.

What can we expect to see next from Nathan Williams? Well, right now, we’re still working on the Etnies full length video, which should be out sometime around the beginning of next year, so that’s kind of my main focus. Other than that, just keep it pushin’!

Any shout-outs/thanks/what-nots? Thanks to all my family and friends back home, and all my sponsors for keeping me going and supporting me!

Nathan rides for:   United, Etnies, Cinema, and Dan’s Comp


Terry Adams in Cologne

Long time Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Terry Adams has been on the travel tip in Europe, and here’s some outstanding coverage of his contest runs in Cologne, Germany.  The level of riding is beyond comprehension of the normal BMX mind.  Terry is a true wizard.

Nathan Sykes ripping trails

Trails is shouting!  Dan’s Comp Pro Team rider Nathan Sykes and his Colony Bikes teammate Victor Salazar absolutely rip the Stephen Murray compound jumps (which were taken down just a couple days after this) and the Hood Rich trails in California.  Let it flow, bro!

Chad Kerley Day in the life

Set aside some time for this one.  Ride along with Dan’s Comp Pro Team rider Chad Kerley on a “typical” day, at home in San Diego.  Learn a little about Chad’s roots and current lifestyle, get a feel for what a day on home turf is like and watch in amazement as CK absolutely rips his local spots. Filmed by John Hicks. This is next level….

Morgan Long LAX session

Another Vlog installment from Dan’s Comp Pro Team rider Morgan Long’s homie Forrest Hawk, documenting a small crew around the LAX area of Los Angeles.  Standout performances from Morgan, Forrest, Stolen’s Sean Morr and Jeff Z. from Ride BMX.  Check it out.

Dan’s Comp Q & A Video #1

You asked for it, you got it!  We asked for your questions about Dan’s Comp (via Instagram) and we answered them, to the best of our ability.  Flow-Team bros/Dan’s employees Mike Barrow and Austin Zentmyer face the music on your hard-hitting questions, while Pro team rider Colin Varanyak handles the ever-popular “how do I get sponsored?” quandary.  Watch and listen, you might learn something good.  Stay tuned for more and be sure to subscribe to the Dan’s Comp YouTube Channel….