Mark Burnett & Lahsaan Kobza edit

Dan’s Comp pro team rider Mark Burnett and his Shadow teammate Lahsaan Kobza split it up in this awesome new edit, filmed on a recent trip to LA.  Different styles, with tons of style.  Get stoked!  Mark rides for Sunday, Shadow, Vans and Dan’s Comp.

Morgan Long: What I Ride

The latest “What I Ride” feature from Ride BMX stars Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Morgan Long and his signature Fit Hood Bird.  We get the down and dirty on Morgan’s latest bike, as well as some great insight into the graphics and lineage of the designs.  Check it out, then take a look at the Fit Hood Bird frame (#211786), bars (#362624) or Morgan’s signature complete Fit Long 1 bike (#102716) at Dan’s Comp.

What I Ride   Morgan Long   Ride BMX


Devon Smillie: Salvation

In this new edit from Eclat and Ride BMX, besides great riding, we get a little back story on Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Devon Smillie and  how BMX came into his life.  Devon is a multi-talented dude, ripping on motorcycles, skateboards and of course, on a BMX bike. Devon’s tech-game is ahead of the curve and the riding in this is just what we’ve come to expect.  Devon rides for Eclat parts, Fly Bikes, Etnies shoes, Altamont clothing and Dan’s Comp.

Stevie Churchill: On the Side

Twenty minutes of outtakes, antics and of course, awesome riding from Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Stevie Churchill.  The kid is good!  Stevie holds it down for Federal Bikes, Primo parts, Lotek shoes, OSS clothing and Dan’s Comp.

Broc Raiford X Odyssey Graduate peg

The new Odyssey Graduate pegs (part #518849 at Dan’s Comp) feature a replaceable composite nylon sleeve, pressed over a 4130 chromoly core for strength and maximum grindage, all in popular 4.5″ length.  In this quick video, Odyssey/Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Broc Raiford gives a short demonstration of what the Graduates are capable of.  Graduate to a pair yourself, at Dan’s Comp!


MIke Tag RIP

Today marks the untimely passing of FBM Bikes legend and all-around bad ass, Mike Tag. This FBM ad for Props provides a solid minute of Mike’s brand of raw street riding–no holds barred. Rest in peace, Mike Tag…

New print ad with COrey Martinez

The newest Dan’s Comp print ad for the May/June issue of Ride BMX, featuring Dan’s Comp team rider Corey Martinez and product from his sponsors:  United, Cinema and Duo.  We put a pair of Etnies in the mix as well.  Hit the site and get everything you need for BMX. 

Dans-Ride May-June 16