Eclat Mount Royal

The Eclat team loaded up the van and took an extended trip to Montreal recently, and this 9+ minute video is the end result.  Dan’s Comp X Eclat Pro team riders Shane Weston and Devon Smillie were on the trip, but unfortunately Shane took himself out on the first day (Sean Burns suffered a similar fate, as well).  The good news is, Devon and the the rest of the squad made up for those on the bench and came through with a spectacular production.

Vans X Cult Old Skool shoes promo

We are already almost sold out of the Vans X Cult Old Skool shoes, but the new video to promote them is awesome. Dan’s Comp X Cult X Vans pro team rider Dakota Roche has the lengthy opening section, and Trey Jones has some solid clips as well. As for the shoes, we have size 10s and a couple others left, with a handful of other sizes on the way, but if you want a pair, you need to get them quick!  Part #724347 at Dan’s Comp.  #vansbmx #cultcrew #cultbmx #vansoffthewall #vans #danscomp

Animal in NYC

A wild little edit from the Animal Bikes NYC jam a few weeks back.  Lots of good riding, with some standout clips from Animal X Dan’s Comp Pro Colin Varanyak.