Stevie Churchill cloned?

It’s no secret that beloved Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Stevie Churchill was MIA for a substantial length of time in the last year or so.  In this shocking report from TCU, we learn some insightful information regarding Stevie, now known as “Steve” and his triumphant return to the BMX spotlight.  Was he cloned?  The truth may never be revealed, but we’re just glad he’s back.  All this and more, in a very special episode of Kareem’s World…

Dan Kruk for Dan’s Comp

The new Vital BMX + Dan’s Comp video from our latest squad addition, Dan Kruk is live!Never mind the Chicago bars,  Dan is a ripper!  Dan is highly productive, putting out clips on Instagram almost daily, as well as stacking for a new We The People edit and assembling this one for us.  Filmed and edited by his Dan’s teammate Grant Castelluzzo.  Nice work, boys!

Feeble talk with Broc Raiford

The latest guest on the Ride BMX Feeble Talk interview panel is none-other than Dan’s Comp pro team rider Broc Raiford.  Sit down for some in-depth words from one of the most prominent riders on the circuit.  Broc holds it down for Volume, Odyssey, Vans and Dan’s Comp.

Ten years of Tnez

United bikes is ten years deep in the BMX game and Corey Martinez has been on the United squad since day one. In celebration of a decade of dedication, here’s a compilation of some of Corey’s more outrageous video segments from United.  We are proud to have Tnez as part of the Dan’s Comp pro team and naturally, United Bikes and parts are available at Dan’s Comp.

Sunday Grow Up: Mark Burnett

The hits keep coming!  Sunday has been uploading sections from their recent Grow Up video, and we are now gifted with the incredible part from Sunday + Dan’s Pro team rider Mark Burnett.  As a bonus, we get some great footage of a very young Mark, which was not all that long ago–Mark’s still a young gun.  Watch and wonder…


Another great video presentation from the good people of the Cult Crew.  Starting out at Cult + Dan’s Pro team Floridian Trey Jones’ Swamp Fest event, the boys make their way to a bunch of great spots, including the legendary Kona Skatepark.  Set aside a few minutes for this one…

BMX vs. Skate!

More meshing of the BMX and skate worlds. Dan’s Comp pro team rider Stevie Churchill faces off with pro skater Braydon Szafranski in an epic battle of “P.A.R.T.Y.” from TCU.   This is awesome!