Trey and Van at the Lost Bowl

The FBM Lost Bowl Jam came close to being rained out this weekend, but the crew made the most of the scenario and much shredding was had. Dan’s Comp team dudes Trey Jones and Van Homan were among the mix. Good times in motion in this new video…

How-to Can Can Footplant with Hoang Tran

Can Can footplants are one of the coolest looking tricks, and when done by someone with as much style as Hoang Tran, they are even better. In this new how-to from Ride BMX, the Dan’s Comp/Subrosa team rider takes you through the steps of this classic trick.

Wild times with Crack Dad

Crack Dad is a somewhat dubious name for a clothing company, but considering Dan’s Comp team wildman Trey Jones is the brains behind the brand, it really comes as no surprise.  The latest video offering features non-stop antics from Trey and co., including his brother Jabe.  Give it a watch and check out Crack Dad shirts at Dan’s Comp.



Shooting Pools with Nathan Sykes

Those of us not fortunate enough to live in warm, sunny, year-round climates don’t usually get to experience the adventure of riding backyard pools like those in say, California, but today we can relish in some great photographic experiences via DIG BMX and the lensmanship of Cooper Brownlee. 2015 Dan’s Comp flow team add Nathan Sykes is among the subjects of this feature. Check it out over at DIG BMXCooper-Cali-Pools-Nathan-Sykes-Table

Stevie Churchill bike check

TCU just posted an entertaining bike check with our own team wiz kid, Stevie Churchill. Get a closer look at Stevie’s Federal/Eclat machine and learn idiosyncrasies of the man and his machine. OCD = 2 valve caps at all times.