Parking Lot Jam Coverage!

The first ever Dan’s Comp Parking Lot Jam & Warehouse Sale went down Saturday at HQ in Mt. Vernon, Indiana and it was just plain awesome.  Over 300 people at the peak of the event and non-stop ripping from riders who traveled in from all over the Midwest.  The weather was perfect, the course, built by the Dan’s crew in the days prior, was on-point and the vibe was great all day long.  With mini-events and best tricks throughout the afternoon, Hundreds of dollars in cash and gift certificates were handed out to those doing the biggest tricks, best lines, worst slams and handling business in the footdown arena.  Chase Krolicki not only drove the furthest, but won most of the events as well.  The kid is so good.  Ryan Fudger from Ride BMX flew out to cover the event and the video below shows many highlights of the day.  Make sure to check out all the photos below from the Dan’s Comp photogs Ryan Dunn and Jordan Timmons.  It was a good day for BMX in the Midwest and we can’t thank everyone enough for coming out.  We hope to see you next year!



From Ride BMX: “In a parking lot next to a corn field, quite literally, lies the headquarters of the biggest mailorder in BMX, Dan’s Comp. And on this hot Saturday afternoon, they invited riders and locals from all over to their first-ever Parking Lot Jam. Ramps were built, hot dogs were boiled, people sweated, and good times were everywhere you looked. With a super loose format, they gave away a bunch of cash via some mini best trick events such as the A-Game on the A-Frame and the 540pm 540 challenge, pulled a couple of audibles on others, and even gave away prizes for the longest drive (ended up being over 500 miles from the North Michigan crew) out. Overall, besides the heat making everything soggy, it was a damn good time. Looking forward to next year…”

Riders ready to rip.


Dan’s Comp employee and Flow Team rider Mike Barrow put in a ton of work (along with the whole Dan’s crew) to make the course awesome and got some shredding done on the finished course.


mike building

Dan’s Comp team rider and Midwest-to-Cali transplant Morgan Long flew into STL and drove out with his Dad to throw bars and slap high-fives.  Morgan is awesome.

morgan bar

Nathan Williams drove up with his Dan’s teammate Shane Weston and a pack of dudes (and his dog) from Nashville.  Nathan’s buttery styles were seen in action throughout the day.

nathan crank

Indy-ripper Nick Summerlot tweaked inverts and was awarded the first of several “Beef Relief” cash prizes for a painful slam after his feet blew off the pedals on a lookback on the Dumpster hip.

nick JT

Southern boys and Dan’s Comp team riders Seth Kimbrough and Nathan Williams.  All smiles.

seth-nathan chill

Shane Weston lets go with an ice-to-nothing on the custom Dan’s Comp rail, while customers were witnessing incredible markdowns in the sale tent.


Austin Aughinbaugh attacking the rail after winning the “Connect the Dots” Best Line challenge and the cash to go with it.

trailer railer

We had posters printed up for the team to sign.  It was awesome to see so many youngins riding!


Flow-bro Austin Zentmyer corks a flip over the box.  AZ is a ripper!


David Cortez drove up from Alabama with Seth Kimbrough and annihilated the course, as well as himself (at least he earned some cash for his pain).  David is a beast!


More flow team radness.  Dylan Rhodes is one stylish cat.


We did 12 & Under and “all ages” footdown events, which were awesome, and ironically, produced the most drama of the day.  Footdown is the mosh pit of BMX events!


Backpacks at Dan’s Comp!

Don’t put your crap in a crappy backpack!  Dan’s Comp has a big selection of quality, durable packs designed for carrying everything from school books to tools to dirty shoes to small pets (leave the zipper open so they can breathe).  Hit the site to see the best backpacks for school, riding and everyday adventures.  Use the code BTS10 to get 10% off all orders over $100 at Dan’s Comp. 

Street Series from SF & Berlin

Two nice videos from two of the Street Series events this weekend.  Dan’s Comp team rider Broc Raiford won the San Francisco event and has the lion’s share of clips, Devon Smillie is in there, along with MC Dak Roche.  All there all’s Dan’s teammate Corey Martinez has some sick moves in the video from Berlin, as well.  Check ’em out….


Dan’s Comp Parking Lot Jam Schedule

Here’s the schedule of events, as well as the cash prize breakdown for the Dan’s Comp Parking Lot Jam & Warehouse Sale, which is this Saturday, July 25 at Dan’s Comp World Headquarters in Mt. Vernon, IN.  Dan’s Comp Pro team riders Morgan Long, Shane Weston, Nathan Williams and more are confirmed to be on the scene, as well as several flow team riders. Come ride with us!!!  Hit the microsite for more info, directions and downloadable waivers.
3pm Jam/sale Starts
3-5 riding/sale shopping/sweating
5pm A frame best trick “Bring your A game to the A frame” $100 cash prize
5:40pm  “540 o’clock”.  $50 for the first person to 540 the quarter
6:00 Hip best trick “Dumpster dive challenge” $100 cash prize
6:45 Trailer rail best trick “Trailer trash rail slayer showdown” $150 cash prize
7pm Awards.  “Gas Money” $50 (longest drive to event), “Beef relief” $50 (worst crash of the day)
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