Re-Up: Get Tech Tires video

New tires for Christmas? Make sure to use care when installing and inflating them to avoid damage and/or premature wear. Let’s take a quick refresher course from the Dan’s Comp Get Tech video series…

And a re-up of our tire install video…

Dan’s Comp Winter Sale catalog + Broc Raiford Interview

The Dan’s Comp 2016 Winter Sale catalog is out now, filled with hundreds of products, on sale and new, to satisfy the needs of every BMX rider on two wheels.  Hit for everything in the catalog and more, in real time.  Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Broc Raiford is on the cover, boosting for the camera of Jeff Z.  Check out his extended interview below.

What’s going on Broc?  Welcome back to the cover of the Dan’s Comp catalog. There aren’t a lot of opportunities to appear in print these days. How do you feel about this event?   What’s up! Stoked to have the opportunity to be on the cover again! Really digging the creative use of the spray painted barrel, that’s rad! It’s a very sad time with print’s current “dying” state, so being able to be featured on a cover makes it that much cooler of a feeling! Regardless, I feel that due to social media outlets like Instagram, print and magazines have gotten less attention by the younger generations. I grew up reading Ride BMX, BMX Plus, and Dig, so seeing the decline in their print based work really sucks. I hope, in the future of BMX, print will make a strong comeback.

How high can you bunnyhop? What’s a bunnyhop? JK. I think like 51″ or something.

You’ve been living in California for a few years now.  If one pays attention to your social media, you go home to Louisiana to visit regularly as well.  How do you rate the California experience and what makes you long for the homeland? It’s hard to really compare Louisiana to California because I feel like they are such polar opposites. However, I love them both for many reasons. Louisiana is where I grew up, so visiting my family and friends is always something I will look forward to, but there isn’t as much to do out there as there is out West. California definitely has more places to ride: Parks, street spots, etc. but the more time I spend away from Louisiana, the more I learn to love the place. I could go on and on about this but at the end of the day, both have are awesome places to live and/or visit!

In regards to up-and-coming riders looking to “expand their reach” in the BMX world, do you recommend making a big move like you did?  Do you feel it is less necessary to relocate these days with media and networking in the hands of virtually everyone? It definitely depends on your scene. As I mentioned before, in today’s day and age, social media has grown to play a huge role in many rider’s BMX careers. So, if you live in a place where you’ve got a good bit of spots/skateparks, a few homies that love to ride, and an iPhone or camera of some sort, you’ve got all the tools to start getting your name out there. However, that is only half the battle. It’s not only about how good you are, but being a good person as well. I would suggest traveling around a bit and meeting new riders, and maybe even hitting the occasionally jam or contest. All of that will help out in the long run, but must importantly, you need to be having fun and enjoying every second you get to be on your bike!

You’ve established yourself with two highly respected pro team programs with Volume Bikes and Odyssey parts, with signature pieces from both.  How did the process start and ultimately, evolve to the point of having namesake product? I am so stoked to be a part of both Volume and Odyssey’s pro teams! They both kill it in their own way. I definitely had to work my way up the ranks with both teams being that each had a very established list of heavy hitting riders to begin with. Over time, riding trips, filming missions, and van shenanigans, I earned my respectful position within each team. During all that, my relationships grew with the team managers and company heads whom gave me the opportunity to have parts with my name on them. As a kid, it was my dream to have my own signature frame, and to now have that and other signature products from both Odyssey and Volume is an incredible feeling.

When not on your bike, you skate and also, just bought a custom chopper.  Do these other activities balance out your life?  Do enjoy anything that doesn’t involve wheels? When I was growing up, I rode my bike a lot, but I also skated, drew pictures, rode dirt bikes, did flips on the trampoline…sometimes all in the same day! Anything to get a adrenaline rush and get rid of the energy I had built up from sitting in school all day. Ha ha. I guess I just formed a habit of that and to this day I live much the same. With most of my focus going towards BMX, it’s nice to go out and skate or ride the chop to get a little variety in my day. I love doing all of it, but BMX will always be where my heart is!

You’ve accumulated quite a display of tattoos.  You are also an artist and have designed tattoo flash and other pieces.  What is the inspiration for these outlets? Like I mentioned in the last answer, I had always drawn growing up but it wasn’t until my Junior year of high school that I stumbled upon traditional tattoos and tattoo flash. I was instantly in love because it matched the way I liked the draw. Bold lines, bright colors, not very technical shading. Everything about it was rad and from that point on I was hooked. The following year I got my first full color traditional tattoo on my inner calf and that added to the addiction. Eventually, after many hours of practice, I now design my own tattoo flash and sometimes my own designs to get tattooed.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? In ten years ill be 32! That’s scary to think of. Ha ha! Hopefully, I’ll have a house by then with a sick back yard mini to skate and ride. Maybe even a spare room in the house that I could use as a private tattoo studio! My goal is to fall into tattooing once things with BMX start to slow down. I’m not sure if I’ll be married or not. I definitely want a dog though, you can count on that. Maybe my current chopper will still be running by then, if not I’ll probably dive in on a Harley or something. Who knows what I’ll be doing then, but I know one thing for sure, I’ll still be enjoying every second I get to spend on my BMX!

What can we expect from Broc Raiford for 2017? In 2017, I plan to better myself with a healthier diet. Not that I don’t eat well now, but it’s not as clean and nutritional as I’d like. It’s crazy how much your diet affects the way you feel, on and off the bike! I plan on filming as much as I can to put out a few videos on the web. I’m also currently working on a video part for a secret project that I’ll disclose more info about early next year. I’m in line to have apart in “Volume 3” so I’ll need to start stacking for that soon as well. I hope to visit some new places in 2017, whether it be domestic or international. That reminds me that I might be visiting Barcelona next year which will be an absolute treat! Getting more tattoos in 2017 is a guarantee. I hope to continue moving forward and working with all my sponsors, whether it be video projects, interviews, photo galleries, etc. Last but not least, continue riding my bike as much as I can because it never seizes to put a smile on my face!

Shout-outs/thanks: Always first and foremost, I’d like to thank my parents for being so supportive through it all. They’ve always had my back and I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for me! Love you guys! My friends and family both in Louisiana and California! They keep me laughing and motivated through thick and thin. I’d also like to thank Brian Castillo, Scott Towne, Jim Bauer, and Jerry Badders for being the best and working with me over the last few years! You guys rule!

Sponsors: Much Love to Volume, Dan’s Comp, Odyssey, Vans for their undeniable support!

Cult Something New video

WOW!  Merry Christmas to all of us!  This new edit from Cult is fantastic.  Check out Cult X Dan’s Comp Pro team macho man Dakota Roche and a sector of the Cult squad in action, including an outrageous “welcome to the team” segment for new Cult Pro Dan Foley.  Again, WOW.

Merry BMXmas!

Merry BMXmas! Dan’s Comp has you covered, even at the last minute! We have discount 1-Day shipping options starting at $20, as well other deals like 15% off + free shipping codes, E-Gift certificates and more. Everything you need for an awesome BMX holiday! Head to to get business handled.

Vital Explained: Hubs

Rolling,right along with the Vital Explained series, the latest installment gives us a detailed lowdown on hubs and all their counterparts.  Watch and learn, then check out the most vast selection of BMX hubs in the universe at

Animal Facts

New video productions from Animal are always highly anticipated, and the latest, entitled FACTS, does not disappoint.  With full parts and mix sections from the Animal crew, both fresh and well-known, the street assault is non-stop from start to finish.  Animal X Dan’s Comp team pro Colin Varanyak finishes it out with another incredible section.  Check it out.