Park edit with the Dan’s Comp team…

Not the whole team, by any means, but Tony Neyer, Morgan Long and Raul Ruiz all add to the pile of clips in this sweet new edit from the Diamond park in LA.   Check it out.

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dan’s comp fall 2014 catalog!

The Dan’s Comp Fall 2014 catalog is out now! Hundreds of products from the best brands in BMX! Check it out online right here, and remember, all the products are clickable in the online version. Team rider Trey Jones is on the cover–read his full interview below.

Yo Trey, what’s going on? 

Nothing much man, just been working on my ramp in the backyard and riding as much as possible, when its not face-melting hot or raining.

Since you were doing them on both Dan’s covers you’ve appeared on, we can assume you’re big on  crank arm grinds. What went into getting this shot?

Justin Kosman was in town shooting some stuff for Vans.  Johnny Devlin and I went out with him to this school by my house and made the magic happen.

On a related note, you have some signature cranks coming out from Shadow.  Tell us about those.

Shadow hit me up about doing another signature part and asked me what I wanted.  I said that I’d really like to do some chromoly cranks, so they said “OK! lets make it happen!” and thats what we got: The best cranks I’ve ever ridden. 22mm spindle, chromoly cranks, Mick Foley proof.

Speaking of wrestlers, you also have the Cult Stone Cold frame and bars, which have been out for a bit.  How does it feel to have all of these signature parts, as well as having input on the design, look, name, etc.?

Its pretty weird.  Ha ha.  You always think when your a kid “If I had signature this or that, it would be like this and like this, blah blah”.   But, when someone actually says “Hey, what do you want in a signature frame or part?” it’s kinda hard!  So far, everything has turned out perfect. I just got done with my new signature seat for Shadow and I’m working on a version 2 of my frame, which should be done soon.

Besides being part of Cult, Shadow and Vans, you have your own project going with Crack Dad.  What is the inspiration to do your own shirts?

Now that I don’t ride for Billabong or whatever that stuff was, I can make whatever I want.  I actually get to hand print every single shirt that gets made and I love making art.

Your younger brother has been appearing in a lot of your videos.  It seems like his riding is getting pretty wild as well.  Are you a good or bad influence on him?

Jabe has a mind of his own.  He is a complete individual and he’s completely different from any other kid you’ll ever meet.  He’s 14, loves metal, FBM, knives and southern pride.

What’s your take on contests?  Love or hate?  You seem to do your own thing, always.

I like contests a lot. I think it’s fun getting to see people you don’t see all the time! Contests are no different than a normal session to me, I don’t have that one trick I’m gonna reveal for my run, so I never feel stressed. Honestly, I know that I’m not going to win and that’s fine, as long as one kid out there is psyched that he got to see me ride, then I did my part.

Do you have any new video projects in the works?

The Shadow DVD is my main part I’m working on right now.  I’ve been filming for that DVD almost 4 years now and I’ve been giving it 110%, trying to film the best section I’ve had. Hopefully, it shows.

Final words? 

Thanks so much to Robbie Morales and Ronnie Bonner for everything they’ve done for me, Chadwick for being the worst TM ever, Badders (Vans) for being Badders and Dan’s for putting me on the team and buying my shirts, pizzadale.

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Here’s a fun edit with a crew of dudes shredding some parks in SoCal, headed off with the freecoastin’ pride and joy of the Dan’s Comp team, Shane Weston.  From Vital BMX.

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Dan’s Comp print ad with Corey Martinez

Here’s the latest Dan’s Comp print ad, this time for the October 2014 issue of Ride BMX magazine.  Featuring Dan’s Comp team rider Corey Martinez with a wild feeble to downside whip and product from his sponsors: United, Duo, Cinema and Etnies.  And speaking of Ride, they just updated their website and it looks great.


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boombotix portable speakers

The Boombotix Rex portable speaker (part #777000) is small (less than 3.5 inches wide) but creates a huge sound. It easily clips to your pocket so you can ride with it, or you can use the handlebar clamp (part #777001) and keep it on your bike full time. The case is rubberized and all of the ports and buttons have small flaps to keep out dirt and water. Operates from your phone via Bluetooth or can be connected directly with the supplied cable. Holds a charge for hours and keeps the music going! Safer than headphones, too! Available now at Dan’s Comp!

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Vital BMX Explained: Forks

In the market for new forks for your bike? Vital BMX just wrapped up this new Dan’s Comp-sponsored feature to explain just about everything you need to know about forks–one of the most crucial components of your bike. Check it out, then check out all the BMX forks at Dan’s Comp.

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new chad kerley edit

Getting ramped up for the Dew Tour event in Brooklyn this week, here’s a new edit with Dan’s Comp team rider Chad Kerley and his Markit teammate and fellow San Diego resident Dennis Enarson in what seems like a normal, everyday session. Of course, these guys’ version of “normal” is anything but…

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new dig site!

Dans Comp is a proud sponsor of the awesome, new and improved Dig BMX website. Nice work, boys!

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