Dan’s Comp team rider Morgan Long is part of the Fit Bikes program and he just built up a new, sweet-looking machine. Based on the Fit MotoMike frame, Morgan’s bike is pretty simple: No brakes, no pegs, no kidding. Those Fit T/A marble tires are so sick–they’ll be back in stock at Dan’s Comp in a couple months, but other colors are available now.  Other highlights include the Fit Indent 24mm cranks and Fit Skyscraper bars.  All available now at Dan’s Comp.

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Everyone loves Aaron Ross, and we’re no exception.  This new video for his signature Sunday Motoross frame is just insane.  Watch the video, then be sure to check out the Sunday Motoross frame at Dan’s Comp.

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Buy 3 or more tees, get $3 off each at Dan’s Comp!

Dan’s Comp hitting you with ANOTHER awesome offer for back-to-school! Through Thursday 8/14, buy three or more tees or tanks and get $3 off each one!  Save $9 on three shirts!  We’re getting new tees in stock all the time from the best brands in BMX.  Stock up now!  Hit the site to see the selection.
8 12 14tshirts

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dan’s comp late summer/bts catalog with broc raiford

BTS REMAIL Cover_650

The Dan’s Comp Late Summer/Back-To-School catalog supplement just dropped with a bunch of new BMX products and back-to-school gear. Team rider Broc Raiford is on the cover, throwing the bars over a roof gap,shot by Joey Cobbs. Here’s what Broc had to say in his TOC interview:

Broc, what’s up?  On the cover of yet another Dan’s Comp Back To School Catalog!  You’re the poster-boy for education and BMX, how do you feel about that?

I’m beyond stoked. It’s really funny and ironic to be on the cover of the back to school catalog–my mom is actually a principal at a middle school.

The setup in the pic is pretty wild/dangerous looking.  Tell us how you ended up there and what it took to get this amazing shot?

Well, my Volume Bikes bossman Brian Castillo had a cover on this exact same setup, years back, whipping the gap and he tipped us off to the spot. It was sketchy getting up there and the roofs themselves were pretty high. I gave it a few 180′s and on the roll out, I got close to the edge and it definitely got my blood pumping. Once Joey Cobbs was ready to shoot, I sent it and luckily, didn’t have any close calls.

You had your first big video part in the Roll Call DVD last year.  What are your thoughts on it now that it’s been out for a while?

I had an absolute blast on all the filming trips. Getting to know Stew Johnson was pretty rad too. I was super hyped on how my section came out and was stoked to be a part of such an amazing project with so many talented riders. Looking back on it now, so much has changed in my life and my riding since then, I really can’t wait for the Volume The Finer Things  DVD to come out.

Speaking of the Volume DVD, how’s it coming along and what’s the status of it?

The team is really starting to seek out the clips they’ve been wanting and getting their bangers done to really finish off their parts with a bang. With the deadline approaching, things are really heating up for me and the rest of the team!

You’ve gone from local Louisiana ripper to Long Beach, CA resident and world traveler in just the last couple of years, what are your thoughts on this?

It’s still so surreal to me, really. I look back on riding my ledge and flat rail everyday after school and now, being able to live in Long Beach, and supporting myself because of BMX is honestly the biggest dream come true. Getting to travel and ride all these breath-taking places has honestly made me really take a step back and appreciate how fortunate I am.

You’ve also been holding your own in contests and are pretty much the reigning king of the bunnyhop event.  How do you approach contests vs. a regular sessions? 

The more I ride in contests, the more I get used to the pressure and nerves. Now, contest riding and regular sessions have almost blended together. Not in the sense that I’m at the skatepark laying down my X-games runs and trying to throw it all down, but there isn’t much of a difference anymore in the way I ride.  I’ve changed my riding style so that the tricks and lines I do everyday would be the type to put into a run at a contest.

You have a signture frame and parts from Volume, what was the development process like and how do you feel about these accomplishments?

Having signature parts is also a huge dream come true. I hadn’t looked at frame/bar specs since I was a young boy flipping through the Dan’s catalog (like it was the bible).  I kinda just started riding what I thought looked cool and felt good, not really worrying about weight or the one degree difference between two pairs of bars. However, both the frame and bars came out exactly how I wanted them and I couldn’t be happier on how they turned out. Be on the look out for more signature parts/colorways coming from Volume soon!

Anything in the works with Odyssey?

I am currently working on a signature grip with the guys at Odyssey. It’s going to be sweet because it’ll go along with the Vessel theme. Things get a little tricky with grips because there are only so many different ways to make a grip and still have it feel good.  I’ve been spending lots of time trying to find the prefect balance of uniqueness and comfort.

Any other big plans for the rest of the year?

I’ll be doing quite a bit of traveling for the rest of the summer, traveling all over Europe for events, as well as the Dew Tour in Portland. Things are about to get pretty busy for me but hey, I can’t complain when I’m going to be doing what I love!

Final words?

I’d like to thank Odyssey, Volume, Etnies, OSS, and of course Dan’s Comp for ALL their support and love throughout these past couple years. I’d also like to thank my friends and family for always being there and supporting me no matter what. My Mom and Dad have been to almost every contest I’ve ever been to and it’s always a blast having them around! THANKS MOM AND DAD! I’d also like to give a shoutout to LadyFloka for being the coolest chick I’ve ever met! Seriously though, BMX is the coolest ever and and I can’t give enough thanks to the people that helped get me to where I am today! I am so thankful and fortunate to be a part of it!

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Really Little Stevie footage

This is awesome! The “Little Stevie” name has kind of faded over the last couple of years as Stevie Churchill has transitioned into full-scale beasthood, but this footage of Really Little Stevie and his then-and-now partner in BMX crimes, Brandon Begin at age 12 is great. No wonder these guys are so good now, they have been killing it for years! Once a beast, always a beast. Check it out.

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dan’s comp print ad for ride bmx

The latest Dan’s Comp print ad for Ride BMX features none other than Dan’s team rider Hoang Tran tweaking an invert over a gap (captured by Joey Cobbs) and highlights his signature Subrosa Villicus Prime V2 frame, bars and grips.  The Dan’s Comp Roll Call DVD and Laced tee are featured, as well as Vans Half Cab shoes (10% off all Vans right now!).  All these products are available now at Dan’s Comp!  Click the pic to see it full sized.

Ride Sep14 Hoang ad650

If you watch closely, you’ll see this trick in motion in Hoang’s latest Dan’s Comp pro team edit from Vital BMX.

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Huge glove news from Ben Hucke

Dan’s Comp team rider Ben Hucke has left his longtime glove sponsor Deft and will exclusively be wearing the Local glove from his even longer time sponsor, Shadow.  Believe it–as seen on Vital BMX.


The Shadow Local gloves are available at Dan’s Comp.

shadow local gloves


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10% off all vans shoes and clothing!

Another awesome offer to help get you geared up for back-to-school and everything else. Through Monday, take an automatic 10% off everything from Vans at Dan’s Comp: Shoes, clothing, backpacks, accessories–everything. No code necessary, hit the Vans section at the site now and get stocked up!

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