Marcus Christopher Backyard Edit

It’s hard to not make a big deal about Marcus Christopher only being 13 and this insanely good on a bike, but the fact is, he’s insanely good for any age.  This new backyard edit was filmed fresh off recovery from a broken wrist, on his outrageous new backyard ramp setup.  And, he’s learned a bunch of lip-tricks too.  Too good.  Marcus holds it down for Kink Bikes, Etnies shoes and of course, Dan’s Comp.

Corey Martinez in Paris

Here’s a great edit from Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Corey Martinez from his adventures in Paris.  Corey graces some incredible spots with his BMX magic.  This is a good watch…

Corey rides for United, Cinema, Duo and Dan’s Comp.

Holiday Catalog + Van Homan Interview

The Dan’s Comp Holiday 16 catalog is in-home now and chock full of the latest and greatest products from the best brands in BMX. Bikes, frames, parts, safety gear, racing equipment, shoes and tons of new clothing for every aspect of your life, on the bike and off! Hit to see everything we have and more. Dan’s Comp Pro team rider and Fit Bike Co. O.G. Van Homan is on the cover, giving a Louisville lip the slip during a road trip with his hombre Steve Crandall last winter. Check out what Van is up to, below…

Catching up with Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Van Homan, who is on the cover.

 Welcome back to the cover of the Dan’s Comp catalog, how do you feel about it? It’s an honor, of course. Especially a photo like this–It just captures that “Get out there and make it happen.” kind of attitude. Riding at any cost, same way we thought when we were 12.

Coincidentally, you stopped by Dan’s Comp HQ the day after this photo was taken (just up the road in Louisville).  What were your thoughts on the visit? It was really cool to see the operation in person after ordering from, and then riding for, Dan’s, for so many years. Seeing how many riders work there and keep things rolling is rad.

For most of 2016, you seem to be leading a very nomadic existence.  Care to expand on that? I was really over not only the location of where I was living, but also the bills and responsibilities that came with owning a home. I wanted no ties and low expenses so I could continue to do what I love, which is traveling and riding. It took a while to get everything sorted, but it felt really good to be able to make spur of the moment decisions like staying in England for two extra weeks just because the people and parks where awesome. Now, I’m finally getting settled into a new spot in Philadelphia and hitting FDR on the regular.

After all this time at the top of the game in BMX, you continue to push your riding and your video parts reflect it. Your X Games “Real Street” video part comes to mind as a stellar example.  What keeps you going? Having opportunities like that just give me the extra push to make some of the scarier street set ups I have in my head, a reality. I’ve always gone through phases with my riding and I think that’s what keeps it interesting and allows me to stay motivated. You don’t get burnt out if you’re always switching up the style of things you’re riding and the type of projects you’re working on.

Some of your crashes in recent videos are down-right terrifying. How do you rebound from those and not let them effect your mindset? Yikes, I don’t know. I definitely took some rough ones working on the XGames project, but it just makes the final outcome that much more rewarding. The reality that you have to push yourself to earn the clips is nothing new to me, so I don’t think it effects my mindset much. You just learn to choose your battles to preserve your body and keep riding as much as possible.

You’ve been part of the Fit Bike Co. program since the very early days. What your thoughts on your status as a senior team member? It’s so rad and rare to have such loyal support for so long. It sounds like a sales pitch, but no BS, it’s a dream come true to ride the best bikes coming from the realist people–people I’ve looked up to since I was a kid.

What’s your take on the current state of BMX? BMX is what you make it, if you think it’s broken then you’re paying attention to the wrong things. Go ride, have fun.

Shout-outs/thanks? Fit Bikes, Bell Helmets, Dan’s Comp, Duo, Gsport. Thanks to all the people involved for their years of support that allow me to keep doing what I love: BMX.

Van rides for Fit Bikes, Bell Helmets, Duo, Gsport and Dan’s Comp

Cult Dakota Roche frame promo

The Dak attack!  Cult X Dan’s Comp team pro Dakota Roche is always throwing down, but he’s throwing it down right here in the spirit of his signature Cult Dak V3 frame, in stock now at Dan’s Comp (with some sizes of the brown/blackcoming back in soon).  Part #211889 at Dan’s Comp now, or just do a search for “Cult Dak” to see all his signature gear. 

Dan’s Comp How-To series: Tailwhip

Here’s a good one!  The latest offering from the Dan’s Comp How-to video series is one of the most highly coveted tricks in all of BMX, the tailwhip.  Dan’s Comp team rider Austin Zentmyer talks you through it, as well as demonstrating on various terrains.  Take notes and take charge!

Roll Call Video re-ups!

We uploaded a bunch of videos from the Dan’s Comp Roll DVD sessions of 2012-13.  We apologize if anyone misinterpreted these as new releases–definitely oldies, but goodies….

Stevie Churchill

Devon Smillie

Broc Raiford/Morgan Long

Fit/S&M Halloween Jam

Another awesome Halloween Jam video, this time from the crew at S&M/Fit Bikes.  The box jump session gets loose, with appearances by Dan’s Comp team pros Radical Rick (AKA Van Homan) and a couple nugs from NASCAR fan Little Stevie Churchill.  Good times in the name of Bicycle Motocross.