Galaxy gear at Dan’s Comp

Space-age finishes are all the rage, and we have the best selection of parts and gear in the entire galaxy at Dan’s Comp. Click the link to marvel in the infinite glory…

More Roll call dvd sections!

Here is the third and final round of sections from the Dan’s Comp Roll Call DVD, online for everyone to enjoy and get stoked by! First up, the Brett Banasiewicz tribute, intro and Alex Magallan’s incredible section. Alex recently stepped down from his pro BMX career to focus on his family. Alex went in hard for his part and it is one of our favorites. A great start to the DVD and a nice tribute to both Brett and now Alex as he moves onto another chapter in his life.

Next up, Matt Wilhelm’s amazing flatland section. Matt’s level of skill is incomprehensible to most bike riders, but here’s the visual proof:

Shane Weston is a beast of a man, who, ironically, rides with incredible finesse. Freecoaster smoothness and nervous breakdowns ensue…

Chad Kerley’s filming time was cut short, mostly due to the crash at the beginning of his part, but he still produced a short section filled with intricate street riding and amazing style.

Raul Ruiz is a street rider of the purist form and put in a lot of work for his Roll Call section. Blood, sweat and grinds:

Crashes! You wanna play, you gotta pay…

And the credits. Thanking those that helped make this project awesome and plenty of hi-jinx as well. Worth a watch. Roll Call is still available at Dan’s Comp!

brett banasiewicz jam at ollie’s in kentucky

Rad dude and Ohio ripper Joey Hill is putting on a benefit jam for his friend and long time Dan’s Comp team rider Brett Banasiewicz at Ollies Skatepark in Florence, Kentucky, this Saturday (Jan 24). Brett and his family are trying hard to keep The Kitchen Skatepark going (you can donate through Facebook page as well as the ongoing financial burden of Brett’s 2012 injury. Dan’s Comp is one of many sponsors of the event and it should be a great one. Ollies is a great park, too–get directions and more details at Props to Joey for putting on this event and thanks to everyone who supports the cause! #maddog


Chad Kerley VXtras

A quick one from Dan’s Comp team rider Chad Kerley via the lens of acclaimed videographer Doeby Huynh. Look for more video from CK extremely soon!

Mark Burnett coverage

We might be a little behind on the coverage of our new team rider Mark Burnett, but the rest of the BMX media is not. Check out a Game of Bike, some questions from the public from the Sunday site and a bike check on Mark’s personal Sunday/Shadow machine. And in case anyone wondered, Mark is, in fact, “Just coastin’ on a dream”.