subrosa curb cuts video

Curbs are an essential part of street riding and a creative rider, or group of riders like this crew of Subrosa team dudes, can ride a curb-height manual pad for hours.  Subrosa/Dan’s Comp team rider Hoang Tran contributes to the party too…

10 things about the united promo

DIG BMX has been posting some amazing photo essays.  Take some time to dig into them and experience BMX at greater depths–with words and photographs, as well as videos.  One of the latest features is called “10 Things You Didn’t Know about the United Promo“.  Great behind the scenes photos and insight from the United promo video (below), which features United/Dan’s boys Nathan Williams and Corey Martinez, as well as the rest of the United Bikes Squad.  Check it out.



The Kitchen Pro Am!

Good times at The Kitchen BMX & Skatepark Pro Am this weekend. BMX is alive and well in Indiana! Brett Banasiewicz made his return to competition on Saturday and the place went nuts! Brett got on the mic for Sunday’s AM and girls events as well. Little rippers, girls, pros and ams all in the mix and tearing up the giant structures within The Kitchen.

kitchen brett kitchen girls kitchen hank kitchen nathan kitchen whip

hoang tran in vietnam

A few months back, Dan’s Comp team rider Hoang Tran traveled with Joris Coulomb to Vietnam. The journey was as much about the travel experience as the BMX riding and this nicely-done video by Hadrien Picard, shot entirely on Lumia cameras, gives us all insight into the adventure. Definitely worth a watch (or two).

wtp socket post and smuggler seat

Never go without tools again!  The We The People Smuggler seat comes complete with a small zippered pocket and includes 5 and 6mm Allen keys with an 8mm adapter.   We The People’s socket seat post is made from 3D forged 6061-T6 aluminum and features a star shaped internal wall structure with 17mm integrated socket wrench. If you have both, just use the Allens from the seat to easily remove your post and you can adjust your wheel, change a flat or whatever you need to do. Genius. Check out this video and get yourself equipped with the WTP Smuggler seat (part #470387) and Socket post (part #472164) from Dan’s Comp and never be stranded again!