Devon Smillie takes silver at the X Games!

HUGE congratulations to Dan’s Comp pro team rider Devon Smillie on taking the silver medal in BMX Street at the XGames👏🏻⚡️👏🏻⚡️👏🏻 Garrett Reynolds took the gold with Simone Barraco taking the bronze.  The rest of the top eight was basically filled with Dan’s team riders too: Chad Kerley, Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche, Colin Varanyak and Broc Raiford all rounded out the finals.

Tony Hamlin in Mexico

Classic Tony Hamlin:  Outrageous riding, brutal crashes and plenty of LOLs is what we’ve come to expect, and this edit from a Kink trip to Mexico City provides all of the above.  Tony holds it down for Kink BMX and Dan’s Comp.  Filmed and edited by Darrly Tocco.

Grant C. interview is the brainchild of Colony/Division media producer Cooper Brownlee and sets forth to “…shine some light on people out there doing good things, things that they are very passionate about.  Based around a positive, Straight Edge lifestyle.”  Cooper sat down with Dan’s Comp pro team rider and videographer Grant Castelluzzo for an in-depth conversation about his influences and life choices, all with BMX as the common denominator.

Shadow Treymone Stem!

THIS RULES!   From the genius minds of the Shadow Conspiracy, the new promo video for the Shadow Treymone stem, available in the next few days from Dan’s Comp….


“Shadow riders Trey Jones and Simone Barraco may seem wildly different, but when you get them together, it’s clear that they’re on the same wavelength. When we were approached by the two of them to create a new split signature stem that fit their unique styles, we couldn’t say no. The Treymone stem is a classic stem that pays homage to the duos classic style and unparalleled riding.”