Grant C. gets a promotion

We are excited to announce that Grant Castelluzzo has been promoted to the Dan’s Comp Pro Team for 2017.  Grant joined the crew last Spring via the flow program and has put in work, repped the bolt and kept the wheels spinning in all directions.  In addition to his riding/repping responsibilities, part of Grant’s promotion involves filming and producing some riding videos for Dan’s Comp throughout the year.  We’re excited to have Grant more involved in the whole Dan’s Comp team.  Here’s what Grant has to say about it:

“After an incredibly helpful and amazing 2016 with Dan’s Comp, I am super stoked, honored, and humbled to be asked to be a bigger part of the brand for 2017. In addition to being added to the ridiculously stacked Pro team, I will be helping to produce some online content for the team through out the year in the form of some short video projects. I can’t wait to start working with the crew, as well as becoming more involved with the brand. Nothing but good times ahead! “-Grant

Welcome to the next level, Grant!  Grant holds it down for Mutiny Bikes, Profile and Dan’s Comp.

Photo by Sean Morr

Here’s Grant’s most recent full video part, for Mutiny Bikes…

Dan’s COmp YouTube channel updates!

Not one, but TWO new videos from Dan’s Comp!  First up, a tire install how-to that covers some of the basics, especially crucial for the whopper-sized tires that are so popular nowadays.  Next up, we have a “Casual Friday” video showing the guys at their leisurely best, filling us in on the future of the Dan’s Comp YouTube channel.  Speaking of which, we’re almost at the 20,000 Subscriber mark, so spread the word, hit like and for the love of all things BMX, hit the subscribe button!

Etnies Chapters overflow

The Etnies BMX team is busy accumulating footage for the upcoming Etnies Chapters video project, and photographer Kevin Conners caught up with the squad in San Diego and captured some behind the scenes photos.  Etnies X Dan’s team dudes Devon Smille and Tony Neyer among them.  Check it out at DIG BMX.

colin varanyak vlog updates

Dan’s Comp team rider Colin Varanyak keeps his Vlog game going strong with his latest, all-riding entry from his “new favorite park”.   Colin holds it down for Fiend, Animal and of course, Dan’s Competition.


Dan’s Comp pro team Florida connect Trey Jones’ backyard is an ever-evolving wonderland of BMX creativity.  Trey recently hosted his Shadow teammates (including Dan’s team pro Mark Burnett), along with their Subrosa counterparts for a day of outrageous BMX action.