dan’s comp holiday catalog AND CHASE D. INTERVIEW!

The Holiday 2013 Dan’s Comp catalog is out now and features thousands of the latest and greatest items in all of BMX. Check it out online now. Dan’s Comp team rider Chase Dehart is featured on the cover and his Table Of Contents interview is down yonder below…

What’s up Chase? How has your year been going?

It’s been going good, just maintaining throughout the year, trying to do as much as I can given the time. Right now, things are picking back up with the weather being so good. This summer has been a little tough weather wise, but lately it’s been perfect.

You’ve had a couple big years with filming for Talk Is Cheap and becoming a Dad. Two drastically different happenings in your life.

Thanks, definitely had some huge things happening and I couldn’t be more thankful. Talk Is Cheap was awesome, I definitely miss filming for it, even though, at times, it was stressful, it still is always so fun and helpful to have a goal and something to work toward. All in all you always feel like you can do better, but at the end of the day I’m proud of it and proud of the other guys and the video we ended up with. I always think about the trips we had and all the good times that came of it. That’s all that matters to me. I’ll have that forever.

How’s the kid? How has being a dad affected your life as a BMX pro?

He’s the man, he’s doing great, growing fast and getting into everything, I love it. Being a dad hasn’t really changed anything with BMX, I’m real fortunate to have no schedule and to be in charge of how I divide my time–I lucked out with that. I get to be there for him at any given time, and then at the same time I get to go do my thing and ride. I have a real supportive family and they help me out with him when it’s time for me to ride or go on trips. I’m real fortunate with that.

You used to claim Animal as an “unofficial sponsor’, but you made it official this year and joined the Animal team. How has it been working with them?

Yeah, with them being from Jersey, although they were a few hours away, I always looked up to them. They would always hook me up when I was younger and coming up and always gave me parts when I was in between parts sponsors. So, to be able to officially ride for them and full on support each other feels awesome. I feel honored really , because I feel like not many people can just ride for Animal. They don’t take additions lightly, so it feels really good to be added to the team. I couldn’t be happier getting to fully back them, put effort in for them and to have them fully back me, it feels great.

You’re one of the O.G. members of the Cult Crew. Any more big projects or additions to your signature parts line in the works with Cult?

Things are non stop with Cult. I do everything I can to keep up with Robbie and Neal. Ha ha. They work their ass off for us and it really is amazing to think about. We always have things going on, but right now we are working on a second version of my signature Butter frame. We are finally gonna change the geometry a little and switch it up. It should be finished up soon and more info on it will pop up as soon as I get the sample and am more sure of the changes we are making.

You’re from Jersey, where you’re dealing with long months of harsh weather. How do you stay on your game when the weather gets rough?

Yeah, it’s not easy really. People don’t take that into consideration–you get extreme hot summers and extreme cold winters. You really only get a few months out of the year to really enjoy the weather. I just push through it. If you want to ride bad enough, you will. I’ve ridden in 40 degree weather, 100 degree weather…just throw layers on and do what you gotta do to get out of the house. It’s never as bad as it seems once you’re out doing it, you just gotta get motivated enough to do it.

The cover shot is textbook Chase D. double-pegs to hopover over a tall, curved rail and making it look easy. What was going on with this setup?

Yeah, double peg hop over into the little bank. We were out in California filming my Cult Sessions web edit and we went to the curved rail in L.A, or wherever it was. I had always seen in it videos, but never saw anyone use the rail and the bank, so I figured I had to use both or not ride it at all. I’m a firm believer in using a setup for everything it is, I couldn’t hit the rail with out going into that little bank. Ha ha.

This is your second time on the cover of the Dan’s Comp catalog. The first time was from the Etnies/Dan’s Comp trip over two years ago. A lot of time has passed since that one–how do you feel about it now?

Yup, this is my second one, and it feels just as good and surprising as the first. I’ve been getting Dan’s catalogs sent to my house for over 15 years. I never could imagine that I’d ever be on the cover one day, or imagine I’d ever ride for Dan’s. I just feel really lucky and honored that I’m able to ride for you guys. Thanks so much again for having me be a part of it. Dreams will come true if you work hard enough.