Backpack promo!

Just in time for back to school, Dan’s Comp is hooking you up with another awesome promo.  Through Thursday, 8/6, get an automatic 10% off any backpack ($29.99 or more) and choose either a Dan’s Comp 2-pack of school folders or a pair of no-show socks, for free!  Dan’s Comp has the best backpacks for riding, school and everyday adventures.  Don’t put your stuff in a second-rate backpack, get a good one from Dan’s Comp!

Backpacks at Dan’s Comp!

Don’t put your crap in a crappy backpack!  Dan’s Comp has a big selection of quality, durable packs designed for carrying everything from school books to tools to dirty shoes to small pets (leave the zipper open so they can breathe).  Hit the site to see the best backpacks for school, riding and everyday adventures.  Use the code BTS10 to get 10% off all orders over $100 at Dan’s Comp. 

Dan’s Comp Parking Lot Jam + Warehouse Sale!

Dan’s Comp is pleased to announce a huge BMX event for the summer.  On Saturday, July 25, we are hosting the first ever Dan’s Comp Parking Lot Jam and Warehouse Sale.  There will be a course built for the event (similar to the one depicted here), Dan’s Comp pro and flow team riders, tons of stuff on sale, mini-events (best tricks on different obstacles) with cash and product prizes, free food and high-fives for everyone.  Helmets required, Waiver required (under 18 must have parent/signed waiver).  Dan’s Comp is located in Mt Vernon, Indiana, so start planning your trip now, this is going to be a good time!

PLJ-square 1000+WHsale

Dan’s Comp Summer 15 Slim-Catalog + Nathan Sykes

The Dan’s Comp 2015 Summer 15 Slim Catalog is out now. Although it’s a scaled down version of our upcoming back-to-school catalog, it still packs a bunch of awesome product, including sneak-peeks of incoming new goods. Recent Flow-team addition Nathan Sykes is on the cover, and you can check out his TOC interview below. Hit for everything you need for BMX!
Nathan Sykes Summer 15 Slim Jim Cover

Nathan, welcome to the cover of the Dan’s Comp catalog!  You may have set a record for the shortest amount of time on the team and getting a cover.  How do you feel about that?

First off, I’m very honored! It’s pretty surreal to think of having a cover on a Dan’s Comp catalog! I have been getting these for so many years and now to think a photo of myself on it will be coming to kid’s doors is hard to take in.

You just joined the squad a few months ago, but you also got the bump up to the Colony pro team around the same time.  How are things going with your new, sponsored status?

It’s been a really great year so far! The bump up to Colony pro has been amazing. I love working with Clint, Cooper and Keith and doing anything I can to keep pushing and growing Colony in the States. And of course working with Dan’s has been such a treat too!  Being able to have another company to push and to keep me motivated and stoked on riding. All smiles here!

Back to the cover, this shot was part of a series taken by your Colony cohort Cooper Brownlee for a feature in Ride BMX.  Can you give us a quick breakdown of how it all came together?

Long story short. We built this ramp in one day and somehow managed to get it into Matt Cordova’s truck and drive it up the mountain. All we wanted was an epic sunset and for no one to tell us to leave! It all came together so well and we ended up with some great shots and a video that Ride BMX was stoked on.

You recently made the move down the coast from Oregon to the BMX hotbed of SoCal.  How’s the transition been?

I miss home and my family and friends. And there are days that I definitely would love to be back riding concrete with all the locals, but also I’m very thankful that I made the leap and came down to SoCal. Being here has opened so many doors and helped me step out of my comfort zone and grow as a person.

Speaking of transitions, you seem to be able to blast extremely high out of just about any transition, no matter how rough or sketchy it may be (kinked pools, DIY banks, dirt quarters).  Do you intentionally seek out crappy stuff to ride or is it a lack of good spots!

I love riding anything that I can. And to be able to do things or go higher than the spot should allow is always a treat! I like to seek out different spots because it keeps BMX interesting. It keeps me motivated to stay creative and down to ride anything.

Your own Locals Only clothing brand seems to be gaining momentum.  How did it come about and is it really for locals only?

This is a long story but I’ll try to keep it short. I have been doing clothing since ’09 and have gone through a few different names of companies and I had a Locals Only design that I had created just sitting in a folder. My good friend had a fashion show that he wanted me to do clothing in and at the time I wasn’t really doing much, so I went ahead and did a whole line for the show and called it Locals Only. From then on, Locals Only Brand has been growing. And to answer the second part of this question Locals Only Brand is a lifestyle that anyone and everyone can live. No matter where you are from you are a local. And that’s what I love about this company! You’re able to be your own individual and let your unique style shine.

Shouts outs/Thanks?

I want to thank God first off for giving me the passion to ride! My family for always being supportive of this dream and the whole Colony family for believing in me! And all the sponsors for helping my dream stay alive day in and out!



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Prevent a riding disaster!  Enter now for a chance to win the Shadow Conspiracy “Disaster Prevention Kit”. One lucky person will win a whole grip of parts from Shadow, including a Raptor front wheel, Raptor freecoaster wheel, 4 S.O.D. (Slide or Die) pegs, an S.O.D. hub guard, Raptor front hub guards, a disaster sprocket guard and an Align sprocket (winner picks colors!).  Hit the site and get yourself entered.  Brought to you by the Shadow Conspiracy and Dan’s Comp!  US only, sorry. 
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