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New Wallpapers On Dans360

*+-I know it been a while but there are new wallpapers for you to DOWNLOAD here at Dans360. Its the easiest upgrade you can do to your computer!

Edwin Contest Ends This Thursday!

*+-We’ve had a CRAZY amount of people enter this contest! If you haven’t entered, you have until Thursday at midnight. You just might win a 2009 Fit STR Edwin complete and an autographed Edwin poster. It’s a pretty sweet deal so don’t miss out!


*+-Dans360 is now on BMX Grub! BMX Grub is a free app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that keeps you connected with all the news from your favorite BMX websites. It is the creation of Dustin Griess of InterBMX. So go download that app!

Introducing Dans360

*+-Welcome to the new Dans360 website: your source for news about Dan’s Comp and the Dan’s Comp Team. While DansComp is still the place for all your BMX needs, Dans360 will let us communicate with the BMX community like never before. Now you can check in for Product Info, Team News, Upcoming Events, Special Offers… Read more »