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Terry Adams: Model Pro BMXer

*+-Dan’s Comp team rider Terry Adams gets a mention as a “Model Pro” in this ESPN interview with Etnies Team Manager John Povah on what it takes to be a pro BMX rider. Give it a read–it’s good insight into what it takes to make it in the professional BMX ranks. Photo lifted from

Terry & Wilhelm At Jomopro

*+-Let’s kick off the weekend with video of Terry and Matt’s runs at Jomopro. Enjoy and go ride this weekend!

New Terry & Wilhelm Video

*+-Fat Tony came through with this excellent web edit of Terry Adams and Matt Wilhelm riding together. Of course, the riding is amazing since these two are some of the best in the business. We are glad they rep Dan’s Comp!

Fight With Flight Contest

*+-Terry has got a good write up on his website about the Fight with Flight flatland comp that went down this past weekend. Congrats to Matt Wilhelm for for taking the top spot! Read his post HERE.

New Terry Adams Edit

*+-Terry came through with yet another AMAZING flatland edit. This is why he is up for Flatlander of the Year at NORA Cup.

Terry In Action

*+-Terry came through with another sick web edit. Enjoy!

Voodoo Jam Results

*+-Terry Adams droped a line to let us know that the Voodoo Jam went down this past weekend and it was one of the best ever. They had 500 people packed into a nightclub in New Orleans to watch one of the best flatland comps of the year. Terry came in third and Matt Wilhelm… Read more »

Terry Vid from King Of Ground

*+-Here’s Terry’s battle at the King Of Ground against Shinichi Kiba. Judge for yourself.