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Terry & Wilhelm At Jomopro

*+-Let’s kick off the weekend with video of Terry and Matt’s runs at Jomopro. Enjoy and go ride this weekend!

The Dan’s Team At Jomopro

*+-We are proud of the Dan’s team riders that were at Jomopro this weekend. Brett placed 3rd in Pro Park, Terry got 4th and Wilhelm got 5th in Pro Flatland. Check out RideBMX for full coverage of the event including photo’s like these from Fat Tony.

Matt Wilhelm’s Bike Check

*+-Matt has a bike check on Ride BMX with Fat Tony. If you’ve seen Matt ride then you know how dialed he is and his bike is no different. Read about all the little mods that he does to make his bike let him do what he needs to do. Pretty cool.

New Terry & Wilhelm Video

*+-Fat Tony came through with this excellent web edit of Terry Adams and Matt Wilhelm riding together. Of course, the riding is amazing since these two are some of the best in the business. We are glad they rep Dan’s Comp!

More Fight With Flight Coverage

*+-Terry Adams let us know that Redbull put together an edit from the Fight With Flight flatland contest with inviews from the riders and really good coverage of riding.

Fight With Flight Contest

*+-Terry has got a good write up on his website about the Fight with Flight flatland comp that went down this past weekend. Congrats to Matt Wilhelm for for taking the top spot! Read his post HERE.

Matt Wilhelm Bike Check

*+-Matt stopped by this weekend taking time out of his hectic show schedule to show us his new bike setup. Check out the details here and be sure to click “SETUP”.