Name: Dakota Roche

Dig #99_Mar-Apr 2014.inddRide Jan-Feb 2013-1.indd Spring Slim Jim 2014 cover

Hometown/current residence: Huntington Beach, CA

Sponsors: Cult, Monster Energy, Vans, Cinema, Dan’s Comp

What inspired you to start riding BMX?

How fun it looked to hit jumps.

What inspires you now?

Anything original. The homies, my family, new spots, new tricks, good times, nice weather, filming for a part.

5 Favorite riders of all time?

Could never answer that question these days, there’s too many dudes that I’ve been stoked on over the years.

Favorites to ride with now?

Cody Levesque, Alex Kennedy, Dan Lacey, Nathan Williams, Corey Martinez, The Cult Crew, etc…

Favorite videos?

Criminal Mischief, Nowhere Fast, Stay Gold.

Describe your bike set up (sizes, seat height, bar size, etc)?

20.75 top tube, 8.35 bars, seat post is a few inches up. Feels right.

How do you feel about riding for Dan’s Comp? You have both Cult and Cinema team mates on the squad, any thoughts on that?

I’m so stoked about this! It’s cool just getting more opportunities with people I’m already down with. Good times to come!

Any pressure having to film for the Dan’s Comp DVD or video parts in general?

Well, I never want to put out a part I’m not psyched on so I always put a little pressure on myself…Filming is always good motivation as well.

What’s your motorcycle all about?

1971 Honda CB350, it’s pretty tight!

Your dad has a similar Cafe style bike, who got into motorcycles first? My dad’s been riding motorcycles forever so he’s part of the reason I got into ’em. It’s seriously awesome having this in common with him! He’s the man.

Plans for 2012?

Finish up my part in “Talk is Cheap”, buncha trips, filming, Xgames, stay healthy, good times, etc…

Anything else?

Nope, peace!