Full Name: Justin Michael Posey

Date of Birth: November 17th, 1993

Home Town: Winston-Salem, NC

Type Of Riding: Skills, Style, Flow

Sponsors: Dans Comp, Fly, Staats, Celly Smelly, Alienation, Tangent


Justin “Kermit” Posey

What class do you compete in?

17-18 expert, Elite Men

What titles do you hold or have you held?

NAG 5 Challenge Winner, 2011 ABA NAG 17-18X #1

What city do you call home?

Winston-Salem, NC

What year did you start BMX racing?


What was first track you raced on?

Tanglewood BMX

What is your favorite track you have raced on?

Chula Vista SX

What is your most memorable race?

2011 NAG 5 challenge main event

Who is your most feared competitor?

None, you can’t be scared of your competition!

What is training regimen like on a daily basis?

Gym, sprints, Ride fast.

What are the specs on your bike?

(Frame sizes, gearing, crank length, handle bar size, tire size) Pro xxl, 44/16, 180mm, 8 inch rise, 1.75

What parts do you ride?

Ssquared frame (best frame out there), Kenda tires, Elevn forks, Elevn bars, Elevn stem, Profile Elite wheel set with Alienation rims(Deviant in front and Runaway in back), Shimano DXR cranks and brakes, Time pedals, Tangent seat, Tangent sprocket.