Full Name: Matt Pohlkamp

Date of Birth: July 6, 1976

Home Town: Cincinnati, OH

Type Of Riding: BURNING RUBBER (BMX racing)

Sponsors: Dan’s Comp, Celly Smellys, Bawls Guarana, Shimano, Diamondback, JW BMX, Answer bmx, Oakley, sinz, THE, Alienation, Sab designs, Tioga, S&M


Matt Pohlkamp

What class do you compete in?

Vet Pro

What titles do you hold or have you held?

2011 ABA #1 Vet Pro, 2011 UCI World #1 Vet Pro, 2011 USA Cycling #1 Vet Pro

What city do you call home?

Santa Monica, CA via Cincinnati, OH

What was it that first drew you to BMX racing?

River Star BMX in Cincinnati, OH 1987

What is your favorite track you have raced on?

Bellflower BMX is pretty darn hard to beat. It’s long and super tech with big jumps. It has everything.

What is your most memorable race?

Any race where everything comes together. When you’re feeling great mentally and physically it’s hard not to have fun and do well. I’d say some races at South Park, PA, Louisville, KY and Nashville, TN are always favorites. Last years World’s, in Demark was a good one for me. I rolled the dice and jumped the triple into the first turn and it gave me the lead in the main. I tried to jump it two other times before that and “choppered” my forks. In the main I went for it again and got it perfect…choppered forks and all. That was the biggest jump I’ve ever jumped on a normal BMX track.

Who is your most feared competitor?

Everyone that lines up on the gate. You can NEVER count anyone out. When you do, reality gives you a roundhouse kick to the face.

What is training regimen like on a daily basis?

Definitely more abbreviated than in years past. Squats, sprints, plyos and surfing keep me on the pipe.

Do you do other types of riding?

A little skatepark here and there, trails every now and then, but most of my riding is at the track or on the drag strip in front of my house.

What are the specs on your bike?

(Frame sizes, gearing, crank length, handle bar size, tire size) Diamondback Reactor XXL frame, 42-15 gear, 182 profile cranks, 8” Elevn bars, 20×1.95 (front) and 20×1.75 (rear) Maxxis DTH tires.

What parts do you ride?

Diamondback Reactor XXL, Fork: S&M race fork, Wheels: Profile Elite hubs, Alienation Runaway rims, Maxxis DTH tires, Cranks: Profile 182, Sprocket: JWBMX 42T, Stem: Elevn 53mm, Grips: ODI longneck, Seat/Post: THE seat Thompson post, Pedals: Shimano DXR, Brakes: Shimano DXR