Full Name: Nathan Isaac Williams

Home Town: Nashville, Tennessee

Sponsors: United, Etnies, Cinema, Dan’s Comp

Ride Mar-Apr 2015.indd Ride Nov 2013.indd

2009 Interview:

Where were you born?

Nashville, TN

How did you get into bmx?

I had a few childhood friends that were kind of into it… they used to go out to the race track when nobody was out there and goof around and I would always go with them. I just slowly got more and more into it and it just stuck.

How would you say your riding style has changed since you first started riding?

Well, at first I just rode the skatepark pretty much. So I grew up riding tranny and the few small dirt jumps I had built in my back yard. I met my friend Shane about 5 or 6 years ago and he kind of got me into going out and riding street. Just the longer I rode the more… diverse, I became I guess.

You’ve gotten a lot of exposure over the last few years. Has any of that added pressure to your riding?

No, not from anybody except myself. I think I do put a little pressure on myself just because I don’t want to keep doing the same few things over and over. Don’t get me wrong though, I still love riding just as much as I did when I first started riding. It’s not a job to me one bit.

Does all the traveling that you do take its toll on you or is it something that you look forward to?

I really do love traveling a lot. I get a chance to see a lot of places and meet some great people!

You’ve had a lot of video parts lately. How hard are you on yourself to produce a good section?

I think anybody who has filmed a section in a video has wanted to do their very best and push themselves to make a part they will be proud of. I guess I’m just like everybody when it comes to that.

What was is like competing in the 2008 XGAMES? Was it something you were comfortable with?

Yes and no. It was nice because I had met everybody that was riding for the most part but I wasn’t that comfortable riding in front of a lot of people but I guess that’s something one just has to get used to.

You’re admired by a lot of younger riders. Do you get recognized when you go places and how does that feel?

Na, not really.

Who were some riders you looked up to when you started out and have you met any of them now?

Van Homan, Mike Aitken, Brian Wizmerski, Corey Martinez, Alex Magellen, Shane Weston. I have been fortunate enough to meet them all which is a huge blessing .

Where do you see bmx taking you in the next 10 years?

Who knows! I just want to still be riding and enjoying life. What more could I ask for?