Full Name: Scott Moreland

Nick Name: Pappa Smurf

Home Town: Indianapolis, in

Type Of Riding: power

Sponsors: fly,answer ,ssquared, Potter products , profile , alienation.

What class do you compete in?

41-45 ex and 41-45 cruiser

What titles do you hold or have you held?


ROC # 1. USAC # 1 world #4

Previous titles
World # 1 Nag #1. NBL #1

What city do you call home?

Indianapolis, in

What year did you start BMX racing?


What was first track you raced on?

West lake bmx. Indy

What is your favorite track you have raced on?

Nashville, Southpark , Rad Canyon Salt Lake , And Louisville.

What is your most memorable race?

Winning my first world title. Copenhagen ,Denmark.

Who is your most feared competitor?

All of them.

What is training regimen like on a daily basis?

Ride my bike. With my son , have fun. Weather it’s a game of foot down or sprints . Gym Int he winter and try to go to warm climate to ride.

What are the specs on your bike?

I ride what the boss puts under me And I win . Love my Ssquared !!!

What parts do you ride?

Profile and answer products are my go to products. Year after year. And fly racing gear. Is the best! Thank you Gus , Ryan and Ray ….