Spencer 12-14-15_696x464

Full Name: Spencer Lyons Cole

Nick Name: Coletrain

Home Town: Beavercreek Oh.
Type Of Riding: Sketchy Haha

Sponsors: Dans Comp, DK, Box, Diadora, Stealth, 24/7, Leatt, G-form, KDM, Schooled U, Potter Plates

What class do you compete in?

13 Expert

What titles do you hold or have you held?

ROC 1 for 3 years

NAG 1, 3, 1, 2, 6

What city do you call home?

Beavercreek Ohio

What year did you start BMX racing?

Dayton Ohio

What was first track you raced on?

Dayton indoor track

What is your favorite track you have raced on?

Chula Ca. and Derby City Ky.

What is your most memorable race?

Grands 2012 going from 4th to 2nd in one move to take NAG 1

Who is your most feared competitor?

All of 13 expert class. Lol

What is training regimen like on a daily basis?

Top Secret

What are the specs on your bike?

20.5tt, 6.75 rise, 170 cranks, 39/14, 42/15, 1.5 tires

What parts do you ride?

Dk, Box, Ciari, Promax, 24/7, Maxxis, Stealth, ODI, Time.