Full Name: Stevie Churchill

DOB: 10/21/93

Hometown: Bristol, Connecticut

Sponsors: Federal, Eclat, Lotek, OSS, and Dan’s Comp


Stevie, your part in the Roll Call DVD is your first full section in a DVD and you also have the ender.   How do you feel about that? I honestly didn’t expect it.   After seeing everyone else’s footage, I didn’t expect it.   Devon’s footage is on point…Nathan, Dak, Chad…they are a an honor, just to be on the same team with Lacey, Bruno Hoffman, Mark Love, everyone on the team. They are just sick people and good riders. I feel like I’m a good match with them. Every time we go on a trip it is a good time. ll on point. It is literally crazy.

You were on the very first trip in Texas.   It was a long one—almost three weeks. It’s honestly an honor to be able to film with Stew. He’s such a legend and he honestly looked after me, almost like a father figure.   He’s such a good dude.  I never thought any of this would ever happen.   I was just psyched to go on a trip.   That first trip for the DVD was the longest I’ve ever been away from home.

On riding for Federal and Eclat.

Getting on Federal was…It’s a dream come true, you know?  Getting on Eclat, is incredible too. I’ve just been on the team a a short time and they are already hooking me up.   I just met Paul the TM at Interbike and he’s a genuine dude.

What’s next? I’m not really sure. I don’t have too much planned for the near future. My friends and I are working on a DVD for Shark Attack, it’s called “Four Kegs”.

Stevie’s Mom:

My mom literally calls me every day to see if I can get her any magazine or anything with me in it.   It’s cool that she’s that psyched. On it.   At first she didn’t want me to go on trips, but once I went on the first trip, She deoesn’t even mind at all now, she’s fully accepted it.


Shout out to all of my sponsors and my friends and family who keep me motivated and make me want to have fun with it.