Full Name: Tony Neyer

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH/Los Angeles, CA

Sponsors:  Verde, Primo, Etnies, The Trip and Dan’s Comp

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Cincinnati, OH.

Current Residence:

Long Beach, CA.

What inspired you to start riding BMX?

RAD, Schwinn American Muscle, and my older brother Steve.

What inspires you now?

My family and friends.

5 Favorite riders of all time?

Dave Young, Jason Enns, Eli Platt, Dave Jacobs, and Aitken.

Favorites to ride with now?

Trip Crew, LBCs and the Cincys.

Favorite video?

Nowhere Fast.

Describe your bike set up (sizes, seat height, bar size, etc):

I have a 21.2 front and with my wheel at almost 14 in the rear. I ride 8.5 bars that are 28 wide. I ride 175 cranks for more foot room with 4 pegs. Seat low.

Plans for 2012?

Go on as many trips as I can and kick it with a good crew.