Trey Jones

Longwood, FL


Cult Crew, Shadow Conspiracy, Vans shoes, Crack Dad, Dan’s Comp.

Fall 2013 cover BTS 2014 cover Ride Jan-Feb 2015.indd


What inspired you to start riding BMX?

My dad took me to the track when I was 4 right after I had just learned to ride. He figured he’d let me try it since he use to race a little bit when he was a kid.

What inspires you now?

Pretty much seeing people/kids that are riding their bikes for fun. They don’t know any popular riders, they don’t check the websites or any of that stuff. They just like to ride their bikes for fun. Makes me remember that’s what BMX is really about.

5 Favorite riders of all time?

Stricker, Cardona, Cam Wood, BF, Hoang Tran.

Favorites to ride with now?

I guess mostly my friends in Florida like Mark Mulville, Joey Juaristi, Ryan Herbach, Mike Cottle and a few others.

Favorite video?


Describe your bike set up (sizes, seat height, bar size, etc):

21″, chrome bars and forks, rusty.