Full Name: Weston Pope

Date of Birth: January 21, 1988

Home Town: Clarksville, Indiana

Type Of Riding: Racing

Sponsors: Dan’s Comp, Alienation, Tangent, Fly Racing, and Rebel Frames


Weston Pope

What class do you compete in?

Elite Men

What titles do you hold or have you held?

3 Time Amateur World Champion, 2 Time nationals Champion, Olympic Hopeful

What city do you call home?

Clarksville, IN

What year did you start BMX racing?

I started racing in 1996 in Louisville, KY at Derby City BMX.

What is your favorite track you have raced on?

The London Supercross track we raced on last year was pretty good. It was a little different with 8 people on the track because of the narrow first straight was. But overall I really liked riding the track. I know they are making some changes soon, so we will see how it turns out.

Who is your most feared competitor?

My own mind.

What is training regimen like on a daily basis?

I recently got a new coach and we seem to be clicking pretty well. We are addressing a lot more of the whole body and not just my legs like I used to. I am working a lot on power and my dig all the way to the first turn.

Do you do other types of riding?

I used to ride so much park and trails about 5 years ago. When I moved to college it was pretty much track only. But recently we have been working on our little set of trails. We have a pretty good 6 pack going to keep the skills and handling up to par. I miss the flow quite a bit. So my goal this summer is to build some pretty good stuff.

What parts do you ride?

Frame: Chase, Fork: Elevn, Wheels: Profile Elite hubs, Alienation Runaway on the rear and a Deviant up front, Tires: Kenda , Cranks: Shimano DXRs, Sprocket: Rennen, Stem: Elevn 53 black, Grips: ODI Ruffian, Seat/Post: Alius post with a Tioga spider seat, Pedals: Shimano DXR, Brakes: Shimano DXR