Tony Neyer X Verde video!

Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Tony Neyer’s highly anticipated Verde frame promo is live!   This is Tony’s first edit since last year’s gnarly head injury and proof positive that the beast is back.  Tony’s signature Verde frames, bars and complete bike are all available now at Dan’s Comp.

Lunch Money with Mark Burnett

Picture-in-picture technology is back!   This is an interesting formula for a BMX video.  Sitting around watching videos and judging each other is something riders can relate to, and that’s pretty much what we have here.  There’s no denying the talent pool in this line-up, including new Dan’s Comp team pro Mark Burnett.  There’s no sense trying to explain it, just watch….

Dan’s Comp How-To series: The Wallride

In the latest installment in the Dan’s Comp How-To video series, flow team rider and star employee Mike Barrow talks us through the always popular wallride.  Defy gravity! Impress your friends! Pretend you’re Dak Roche!  Check it out and get to work, there’s a wall with your name on it. #blackrainbows


Terry Adams edit for PRofile

Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Terry Adams and his Profile/Deco teammate Chad Degroot blur more lines between flatland, street and park riding in this super fun edit from a recent Profile trip to Louisiana.  The Profile Z Coaster is a common denominator, for sure.  The big revelation here…who knew TA could skate?  #jackofalltrades


Flow team additions!

We’re expanding the squad!  We are pleased to announce the addition of two rad dudes to the Dan’s Comp Flow team.  St. Louis local and Midwest mainstay Jordan “Habo” Gutierrez has been flying the Dan’s Comp flag for years, attending events, riding in shows and supporting the brand in general.  Adding Habo to the flow program was an obvious choice, which shoulda/coulda/woulda happened sooner.  Here’s what Habo has to say about it  “So stoked to start off 2016 by repping one of the best brands in BMX”  and here is his senior portrait, suitable for framing.

Habo mug cropped

Next up, Michael McKenzie is an Evansville, Indiana local who is part of the Dan’s Comp crew and has been putting in serious work on the bike for the last couple of years.  We’ve been helping Mike out a little and he’s paid his dues, so now he’s officially on the Flow team as well.  Mike, too, is stoked: “I could not be more stoked for the opportunity to ride for such an amazing company like Dan’s Comp”.  Welcome to the program, boys!

Mike McKenzie mug cropped