Heroes of Dirt Movie premiere and riding event

Dan’s Comp is a sponsor of Heroes of Dirt: The BMX Movie, which premieres Saturday, 10/25 in Allentown, PA. Pro contest during the day, movie premiere afterward. What could be more rad than that? Check out their Facebook page to keep up to date. Check out the trailer below, too. So Rad!

HOD flyer

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van homan talks holy fit

Have you seen the Holy Fit DVD yet? It’s incredible and a definite “must-have”. If you need more convincing, check out this video with Fit/Dan’s rider Van Homan breaking the process down.  Click this link Dan’s Comp to get yourself a copy of Holy Fit.

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Vital Game of Bike with Devon Smillie

The Vital BMX Game of Bike videos are starting to materialize… Dan’s Comp team rider Devon Smillie takes on Grant Germain in this one…

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TRA Double Cross–the future of BMX racing?

“TRA Double Cross is a one of a kind BMX event that combines trail riding skill and racing strategy” is the description from this video and it fits perfectly.  Dan’s Comp was a sponsor of last weekend’s TRA event in Pennsylvania.  Team Rider Van Homan was one of many heavy hitters taking laps and having the time of his life.  In a related article from the Red Bull website, Van had this to say about the event: ”This [Double Cross] event is really unique because, basically, you’re racing on trails,” explained Van. “The mix of people riding in this event is insane. You have current double A’s, current top dirt jumpers, guys like me who don’t belong in a pro race or pro dirt jump contest right now, but maybe this collaboration will do well for me. Maybe it won’t, I don’t know. Either way, it’s a unique opportunity to bring a lot of people together that wouldn’t normally be riding in the same event or venue.”

With the Dreamline event going on this weekend, it looks like we’re in store for even more dirt-based BMX insanity.  BMX started in the dirt and it’s awesome to see this unique events taking root.

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hoang tran subrosa novus video

Check out the video for Dan’s Comp team rider Hoang Tran’s signature Subrosa Novus complete–one of the many new Subrosa bikes available now at Dan’s Comp.

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2015 Subrosa Bikes are in stock now!

The 2015 Subrosa Bikes are in stock now! Check out this sweet video featuring all the new Subrosas in action, then take your pick at Dan’s Comp.
2015 subrosa bieks

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United team in Barcelona

Another great feature from the new and improved www.digbmx.com, this time with Dan’s Comp/United Bike Co. team riders Corey Martinez and Nathan Williams discussing different topics regarding the team, spots and Barcelona. A good read/watch….

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trey jones long island edit

Here’s a good-feelin’ edit from Dan’s Comp team rider Trey Jones and his Cult teammate, Russ Barone.  Russ is from Long Island and acted as tour guide for Trey.  They hit some great spots and make the most of them….

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