Kink House session

The Kink Team is posted up in San Diego for an extended trip to produce content and get lots of riding in.  One of the first products out of the video mill is this session on a Subrosa Street Rail.  Kink/Dan’s Pro team rider Tony Hamlin is in the good times mix.

Outrageous Nathan Williams edit!

Right off the heels of his incredible Still United DVD part, United/Etnies/Cinema/Dan’s Pro team rider Nathan Williams unleashes yet another outrageous video part.  This one comes to us via Two Snakes Tattoo and United Bikes, products of which Nathan is known to represent at all times.  Just hit play, this is too good.

Broc Raiford: Ride pro part

Yes!  Here’s a mid-week treat for you.  Ride BMX just dropped Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Broc Raiford’s Pro Part edit, and it’s a doozy!  Dedicate the next four minutes to this incredible example of post-modern BMX riding.  Broc rides for Volume Bikes, Odyssey parts, Vans shoes and Dan’s Comp.

Dan’s Comp late Spring Catalog + Corey Martinez interview


The 2016 Dan’s Comp Late Spring catalog is out now, featuring hundreds of products from the best brands in BMX, with longtime team rider Corey Martinez on the cover.  Check out the new and improved for all the latest gear, and read below to find out what Corey has been up to:

Catching up with Dan’s Comp team rider Corey Martinez, who is on the cover.   Corey, welcome back to the cover of the Dan’s Comp catalog.  The last one was mid-2012 while filming for the Roll Call DVD.  How has life changed (or stayed the same) since?  Cheers, I’m honored to be featured on another cover of something I’ve been receiving in the mail since I was 10! Since the last one, I’ve had 3 surgeries. Feb 2013, I had my left Labrum repaired. Oct. 2014, I had my left ACL & Meniscus repaired, and then, Nov. 2015 I broke my first bone and had to have my clavicle put back together with a plate.

This photo, shot by Devon Hutchins, is classic Tnez.  Tell us about this spot, the trick and how it happened?   First of all, Devon is the man! I was headed west on my annual winter escape trip, so a stop in Austin is a must. This ditch has a few other fun setups, but I just couldn’t get away from this wall ride. I had only been riding a few weeks after recovering from the clavicle break, so this was perfect for rebuilding my confidence. After messing with a tuck no hander and shooting a few with Devon, I felt somewhat confident and figured I’d send it.

Even with all the injuries the last couple of years, you seem to come back stronger than ever each time.  What’s the key to your rebounding ability?  Yeah, it has definitely been a rough couple of years with injuries. Ha ha. I’m into eating well, along with fitness training, so naturally, I think all that plays a huge part in my recoveries.

The Still United DVD just premiered.  With full-length DVDs becoming increasingly rare, tell us about the project and the thought behind going full-DVD instead of online/download release?    After over two years of blood, sweat and tears from the team going in on this project, it only makes sense to have something solid to hold in your hands to cherish for years later on. The video sections will obviously end up online in time, so why not have them both?

What can we expect from your part?   A lot of grinds and wall rides edited to a rap song. Ha ha. Decided to go a little different on the song choice this time to mix it up from all my other video parts.   People will probably hate it.

You’ve been part of the United squad since the beginning. Care to speak to your role with the brand?  As for my role with the brand, it’s been pretty much the same since day one: Continuing to help build up the brand as part of the team, except it’s in a different form and fashion now that social media plays such a big part in the brand’s image. It’s so wild to think 10 years has gone by already and how times have changed.

Any new signature parts in the works from United or your other sponsors? Got some new United Bars dropping this spring, plus we’re working on a limited run of frames that should be out by the end of the year.

You spent a lot of last year in Europe. Do you have big travel plans for the rest of 2016?   I hope to drop in on more Euro adventures this year for sure. I’d like to spend two months over there this summer, bouncing around England, Paris, Barcelona, and Glasgow, filming for my next video project.

Shout outs/thanks?   Mega shout out and thanks to United, Red Bull, Dan’s Comp, Duo and Cinema for continuing to support me in keeping the dream alive!


Mark Burnett & Lahsaan Kobza edit

Dan’s Comp pro team rider Mark Burnett and his Shadow teammate Lahsaan Kobza split it up in this awesome new edit, filmed on a recent trip to LA.  Different styles, with tons of style.  Get stoked!  Mark rides for Sunday, Shadow, Vans and Dan’s Comp.