The Madera team loaded up the van and settled into the Minneapolis area in search of spots, culminating with this delightful video presentation, featuring the Madera team, including Dan’s team rider Dan Kruk.  Filmed and edited by Dan’s Dan’s teammate Grant Castelluzzo. This is really good…

BMX basics: How-to bunnyhop

Time to up your skillset!  The bunnyhop is one of the most basic moves in BMX, but it’s among the most crucial, as well as being the foundation to endless other tricks.  Dan’s Comp flow-bro Mike Barrow walks you through the basics, with some added tips to get a couple more inches out yo hop. Check it out.

Animal London with Chase Dehart

London town’s a go-go.  A few of the Animal Bikes crew thrashed around London for a few days and this edit is visual proof.  Mike Hoder does Hoder things and the Dan’s team is represented in the form of the ever-stylish Chase Dehart.  A good watch.