Colin Varanyak in China

Another awesome webisode from Dan’s Comp Pro team rider Colin Varanyak from Shanghai, China.  The spots in this look amazing!  Watch and weep. Colin rides for Fiend, Animal and Dan’s Comp.

Trey jones in What could go wrong + Snakebite Interview


Need some Trey Jones in your life?  The Dan’s Comp team rider has an in-depth interview at Snakebite BMX where he talks about his history, his sponsors, his mid-school bike collection and his pure philosophy on modern BMX, contests, and just about everything else.  Additionally, we are treated to Trey’s solo section from the just posted What Could Go Wrong DVD, which you can watch right here:

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Shadow What Could Go Wrong full video

The fine folks at the Shadow Conspiracy have graced us with an extraordinary gift:  The complete What Could Go Wrong? DVD, in it’s entirety, online now.  Featuring the entire Shadow team, including Dan’s Comp boys Mark Burnett, Trey Jones and Seth Kimbrough.  Boom.

X Games Real Street Voting is live!

The X Games Real Street videos are all incredible. You can watch Dan’s Comp Pro team riders Van Homan, Dakota Roche and Devon Smillie right here, but make sure to go to to vote for your favorite.  The winning video team will be announced on Sunday, 9/25 on ABC television.

Van Homan

Dakota Roche

Devon Smillie

X Games Real Street videos

The Dan’s Comp Pro team is well represented in the X Game Real Street BMX video competition.  Van Homan, Devon Smillie and Dakota Roche all have full sections going into this.  The videos drop tomorrow, and we can’t wait to see what went down.  If this preview is any indication, it’s gonna be wild.

Explained: Detanglers

Following up the most recent from the Vital BMX Explained series about brakes and levers, this week we take a look at the form and function of detanglers.  Take a brake from what you’re doing and give this a watch.