the rider’s eye, feat. Chad Kerley

This video provides some genuine insight into the mind of a street rider. Dan’s Comp team rider Chad Kerley walks us through what he sees when he’s out in the real world. If you’re a rider, you get it. If you’re not, this might help you understand…

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shadow x green films camera backpack

The Shadow X Greenfilms Camera backpack is a creatively designed, multi-purpose backpack, specifically built for those BMXers hauling a ton of camera gear around.   If this describes you, then you should take a serious look at the Shadow X Greenfilms backpack.  Check out this video from Shadow for a little background about how this bag came to be…

shadow greenvilsm

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download the dan’s comp app!

You asked for it, you got it.  Dan’s Comp is pleased to announce our first, official iPhone app.  With it, you can keep up to date on our current coupons and discount codes, browse all of our newest, featured items, hit the tech tips and get direct links to and our Facebook and Instagram pages.   The app is free, just search “Dan’s Comp” in your app browser or hit up the Apple app store (Android version in the works). Make sure you accept push notifications to receive special promotions, new product announcements and more. If you download it before Wednesday, 10/29, you’ll send you a push notification with an exclusive coupon.  Get to it!

dans app

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Tony Hamlin on the Mic at Toast

This is amazing–just when you thought you’d seen enough Texas Toast coverage, Dan’s Comp/Kink/Etnies team rider Tony Hamlin comes through with this incredible commentary. This video has an “Autoplay” feature, so click the photo of a sprawled out Tony to check it out.
TX Tony down

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Help Seth Kimbrough!

Dan’s Comp team rider and Alabama BMX legend Seth Kimbrough had his house broken into  and many of his possessions, including his two motorcycles, stolen, while he was in Austin for Texas Toast.  Here’s a page to donate to help get Seth back in business.  Seth is one of the nicest, most sincere riders and a true asset to BMX.  Any little bit helps! Hit this link (or the pic) to get to the donation page.



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2015 We The People Completes in stock now!

2015 We The People bikes are in stock now at Dan’s Comp!  Hit the site to check out all the new colorways and features of all the models in the latest WTP range!

We The People completes

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One more Texas Toast video…

Yes, we know the Texas Toast coverage has been excessive, but this video by Ryan Navazio is just incredible.  Drone aerial footage, slo-mos of perfect moments (including Broc Raiford’s super-hop, Van Homan’s wall-to-whip and Trey Jones’ amazing 360-crank-arm grind from the Dan’s Comp squad) and plenty of crashes.  If a BMX video can be beautiful, this one is…

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Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen an update from Dan’s Comp team rider Brett Banasiewicz, but as you’re about to see in this new Vital/Dan’s Comp Pro team edit, Brett is working hard on the bike and starting to look like his old self again.  It’s been a long road back from Brett’s August 2012 head injury, but Brett is strong-willed and determined to get back to full speed.  Vital’s description for the video is right on:  ”A little more than two years after his life-changing crash, I’m honored to bring you a brand new Brett Banasiewicz video. Brett has been working his ass off and making all sorts of amazing progress. He’s not afraid to take a slam and he’s progressing every single day. Watch this, get inspired, and go ride. Brett rules.

We think Brett rules too…

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