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Animal Bikes Logo

Animal Bikes is world famous for their bike parts and NYC street riding influence.

Animal also has a team of BMX legends, as well as new blood representing the brand.

Ralph Sinisi started Animal Bikes back in 2000, to represent and supply bike parts for BMX street riding for the new century. Ever wonder how Animal Bikes got their name?  Keep reading!

New York City Skyline

“My riding crew in and around New York City pedaled around all day and night finding amazing spots and getting as crazy as we could on them. Whenever someone would do a wild move, they were called an Animal. It only made sense for me to call the company Animal as it was based on the toughest parts for the craziest riders. I wanted no BS or gimmicks to sell the parts and I have made sure we stuck to this.”

Animal Bikes Team Rider

Feeling inspired yet?

Animal Bikes has designed their parts line with the BMX street rider in mind.  Their motto?  “Streets Finest” — and it’s no joke.  Check out some of these featured products below — but head over to to check out the full selection and best deals!

Don’t get caught in the dark! Be smart and stay visible with the Animal Bikes Street Lights Set.  Check out the video featuring John Yoh, Ryan and Joe Niranonta as they lurk the dark streets of Philadelphia. (Besides keeping you safe, having a light will help you avoid those tickets for not having a light on your bike.)



Animal Rat Trap PC pedals - Mark Gralla's signature pedals

Animal BIkes Rat Trap PC Pedals are Mark Gralla’s Signature Pedals made from a nylon composite material with unsealed bearings rolling on chromoly spindles. The pedal bodies feature an extra wide, micro knurled surface with 20 molded pins per side and a molded Animal logo. The addition of extra corner pins helps reduce slip in high wear-point areas.

Animal Team Peg

– JUST RELEASED – Nothing beats the raw sound and feel of steel. The new Animal Bikes Team Peg is a fresh addition to the legacy of Animal pegs. The Team Pegs measure in at 4.5″ inches long for full contact. Forged, heat-treated chromoly steel for strength and smooth grinding on all surfaces. Internally butted, so they are thicker where it counts and lighter overall.


Animal Logo Grind Wax Animal Logo Grind Wax with Zipper Case

No session is complete without grind wax to smooth out ledges and rails for faster, more consistent grinds. Animal Bikes Logo Grind Wax is made from specially formulated materials. Perfect for transporting in a backpack. Comes with a reusable zipper case for clean and easy storage.

Animal Bikes Team Rider

Now what are you waiting for?  Hit the site and make sure you’ve got the right gear… then get off the internet and go ride.