dan’s comp fall catalog!

The new Dan’s Comp Fall Catalog is out now and features thousands of the greatest products in all of BMX! Check it out online now. Dan’s Comp team rider Trey Jones is featured on the cover with a wild crank-arm slide captured by photographer Wes McGrath on a filming trip for the Dan’s Comp DVD. Trey’s Cover interview is posted below…


Trey, what’s been going on?

Nothing much man, just hanging out ripping and shredding;

You’ve had a big year. You had an amazing part in the highly anticipated Cult Talk Is Cheap DVD, you traveled to Estonia for a great performance at Simple Session and have been producing edits all year. Tell us about it: It has been awesome! Everything just fell into place, I’m just riding my bike and having fun and I ended up in this situation.

You bought a house this year. That’s a big leap from living in a tent like you did a couple years ago. How’s the change in lifestyle been? It’s so rad. I just ended up being in the right place at the right time. I lived in the tent, then a trailer, then an apartment, then a duplex and now a house. Ha ha. It’s pretty sweet not having to deal with a landlord telling you what to do, I can ride on my roof all day if I want. If I want to build a fire right in the driveway, I will, and I can’t get kicked out.

You always seem to be up to something creative with zines, your new website or art. What inspires you to do these kinds of things? Yeah, I’ve been doing a site called blackdad.net, I just like creating stuff that people enjoy looking at. I always end up with tons of photos of my friends or on trips and I can never do anything with them, so it’s cool to now have a site I can post stuff on, I love collecting and creating zines and artwork and I also do a Blackdad zine, go check out my zine and as well as the new Cult zine and tons of other stuff at WTFTW.org

You seem to change your bike set up a bit, bouncing between brakes and no brakes. Any rhyme or reason or just trying to keep it fresh? Usually, if I go up North to ride jumps, I’ll throw brakes on, but other than that, I like keeping it simple: no brakes, no pegs and as simple as possible.

You filmed a bunch for the upcoming Dan’s Comp DVD and have a bunch of sick footage, including the wild crank arm grind that is on the cover. How was that experience? Tell us about this setup? I’m so stoked with the way everything has turned out for the video. This setup was sweet because I was just messing around, doing little bottom bracket grinds around the rail, but then I ended up doing a crank arm. Ha ha.

How do you feel about being on the cover of the Dan’s Comp catalog? Awesome, totally awesome!